Live from the one with a stuffy nose

Happy Friday folks!

How was this week?

The weather determined the roads and trains and people’s moods for this week.

One day it would be so chilly you would chatter when you talk,

Next day would be so wet you would chatter when you talk because there was no forecast of rain and all got wet.

The day later people would be wondering where to hang the heavy jackets they wore to work because it is so SUNNY now.

Girls in my office discuss whether it is skirt weather or jeans weather.

The onset of cold is upon me because of this maniac weather.

Kid has two weeks term break – Moo lots of activities planned with me since she has categorically stated that she is not interested in any kind of vacation camp – not sure who will be laughing or crying by the end of this break.

Have I told you about the beauty that is the house inspection in rental apartments in Sydney? We have one next week – so the coming blog post will detail everything about it, watch out.

So I have been having lots and lots of thoughts and discussions ( with myself ) about one very important thing – in two minds whether to post it here (since it is personal but sure many people have same question ) or keep it inside me ( as usual ). Since the only readers are you and me, please answer?

Have a happy week ahead, I am going to the kitchen to have pizza. Who orders pizza at 4 on a Friday evening? My HR at work. Tata.

Most happening bits of my life

……… of today


I am working on a project handed over by some external vendors to my organisation. Just that I need to learn MANDARIN to understand the comments and documentation they have left inline the code.

It starts to rain at exactly the same time when Moo and I step out for the school drop in the mornings.

It stops to rain at exactly the same time when I leave from the school after dropping her.

This has been happening since Monday.

We are either attending or hosting back to back get togethers since a month. The amount of food I have made is more than I have consumed.

Moo’s homework comprises of activities she has to do by logging into a website. I own a MacBook and she has been hitting the touchpad multiple times to hear the ‘click’ when she has to hit a button.

I do not like to eat any raw veggies but I eat a cucumber daily since few weeks.

I eat enough snacks to feel full as soon as I reach home from work but in less than 30 minutes I have the capacity to belt the dinner comprising of rice and curry.

I last clicked a photo on my phone a month back.

I hauled close to 20 books from a book exhibition early in June. Enough to last till next June.

Moo nuggets

Weekday mornings

Me: Switch off the TV Ammu, we need to start now, otherwise it will get late for school.

Moo: What will happen if we go late mumma, you will miss the train?


Me: No ice cream during winters ma, we will have when it is very hot outside

Moo: If I eat ice cream during winter I will start coughing


She is growing up to be a very observant girl. Every time we visit or meet a girl/lady she will notice the earrings, nail paint, shoes and talk about it when we are back home. And the next time she meets them she will ask why are they wearing different earrings/ shoes. She never fails to appreciate whole heartedly – “I love your earrings, they look so pretty”, much to the surprise of the recipient.


We make it a point to wear traditional clothes when we are visiting temples. Its a South Indian style blouse and skirt for her ( paavadai) while I wear a saree. Once she commented how beautiful my saree is while her blouse is too plain. I said when she is old enough she can have all my sarees. “But why does not the shopkeeper make a saree my size”, humphed my girl.


Moo loves to do arts. Give her some craft paper, colouring pens and scissors she will make a card first thing and usually write I love you mum or I love you dad. Now a days she learnt her friends names and lists them out. I ask where is my name, she says I am tired of making cards for you when you do not even make one for me, I will now onwards make cards only for my friends.


Everyone says she looks like a mini me. When she was an infant she bore no resemblance to me, but over the years I can see myself in her. I am planning to ask my parents to scan and send my class photos in primary school, waiting to see if she can recognise me in them