Do you feel desensitised to any kind of news off late? Like nothing throws you off guard or shocks you anymore? Heard it all..sometimes, seen it all…

I remember the feeling inside me when I used to hear a shocking incident. The mind going ‘Whatttt’ ‘Oh noooo’ and literal goosebumps on me if the news is particularly brutal. Since the last decade when social media started telling everyone everything as it happened, the onslaught of continuous news be it good or bad has somewhat made us less perceptive. Earlier we had to wait for the morning or evening news, we assimilate once that bulletin is over and the next day newspapers would carry more details for us to discuss with family and friends. The ‘waiting’ meant we root for the underdog in a sports event till we sleep or pray for the child being stuck in bore well to be saved.

With news in our fingertips at every minute I no longer have to wait. Then again there is a deluge of all kinds of news which do not affect me now. With the current medical crisis in India where every timeline and wall post amplify need for oxygen or ICU bed or injections, the feeling of shock has left my system. I came across a tweet stating the ground reality is far worse than what national media is sharing to the world.

I am thinking of taking a break from daily writing and switching it to weekly. It’s close to end of April and this habit has worked fantastically well since start of this year. However, I spend at least 30 minutes every night before bed writing here, which I want to dedicate to home admin tasks – creating meal plans, sorting photos from hard drives, search for home decor shops, etc.

See you in a week’s time, stay safe!

Weekend morning rituals

Amongst others, a new one has joined the habits. I watch movie reviews – old and new. In many ways I find it interesting to hear others opinions on the story, acting and the filmmaking. If I haven’t seen the movie yet, it helps me decide if avoiding would be better. And if I have seen the movie, gives me a mental rewind of the same.

There was a time when I would go ahead with watching a movie even though it had the worst reviews. I would be curious to find out the reality. But not in recent times. It’s not even about the amount of hours spent in watching a bad movie which could have been put to a better use, it is about the disappearing tolerance towards badly made movies.

If watching trailers instead of movies was me as a mum of one, it’s watching reviews instead of trailers as mum of two. If at all I pick up a movie, it is finished in five or six sittings. So reviews work out better for me. I get to know the outline of the story and then watch the trailer if it interests me.

I watched reviews of the new Girl on the train movie. Oh dear I laughed so much.