Shooting bullets today

  1. So many of the blogs I follow are marked as private now. And even sending request invites have no response. Probably they forgot their login credentials? Happened with me so cannot rule that out. I want to at least read the archives 😢
  2. I am successful with meal planning. But sitting down and planning out the meal for the coming week is more time consuming than cooking a meal itself.
  3. I am going on regular walks since I started my new job. My office is situated on a hilly terrain so it has a combination of inclined steep, downward slope giving full workout to the body.
  4. This weekend we have a playdate cum dinner invite. The host has invited one other family as well. Do not want to go empty handed but if I cook something and take along, will they mind?
  5. I do not know for what reason do I have String hopper rice flour in my pantry. I probably bought it thinking will make idiyappams but seem to only stick to dosa for breakfasts.
  6. I have started journaling online. Want to see how long can I keep it up. For now have posted 8 days straight.
  7. Winters have started officially from June but we are having warm sunny days off late.
  8. I think I should get a new phone but then push that thought away because my current one is working perfectly fine, why to replace something which is not faulty.
  9. There are lots of talks about sustainability and sustainable products online these days, my two cents is if you do not purchase anything new you save your bank balance as well as the planet 😀 😀
  10. WordPress stats show that I have a couple of readers from USA and three from India. Thank you for reading folks, love you ❤
  11. I clicked on the Analytics section of WordPress and found the old blogposts which got maximum hits, reading through the comments made me feel poignant and nostalgic. Such a thriving community I was part of, shame I could not be regular.
  12. Did I tell you we went whale watching past weekend? We are planning for one more before the winter ends.

Little Bear

So plans were made three weeks in advance for the Queens birthday long weekend which fell between June 8-10 for whale watching in the wild. It was a fantastic experience. The mighty whales going about their business while we watched from a distance aboard a boat. The dolphins loved jumping and splashing around and were a playful lot. We soon plan to watch the whales again in a different place this time to catch the breech position ( you need to be lucky to get to see that apparently)

The point of this post is to share with you how we found the gem of a story title Little Bear. The Airbnb which we booked had a good collection of kids DVDs and I picked this one out because the cover was eye catching. We put it on before we were about to head out for dinner. We got mesmerised and how! It is such a simple storytelling that you miss these days, takes you back to your childhood and those wonderful cartoons you watched while growing up. Moo has watched this five times between Saturday and Monday and she has never watched any movie till date. I would suggest you to watch this if you get some time, you will not regret it, its for all ages 🙂


One moment you could be planning everything to the T and the next moment you could be staring at the unfolding things like ‘whaaaaaaatttttttttt’

We had great plans for the Easter break this year. Moo had a two week term break at school and we had 4 public holidays in those weeks. We initially had plans to go to for a week long vacation somewhere up north but the extended family had called in March telling they would be visiting us during the holidays. They called off at the last minute and we made plans for day trips for each of the holidays. Right in the middle we got a call from one of our family friends that they had an accident. We would be needing to take care of their daughter while her mom recuperates in the hospital. Second week of the holidays was spent in refereeing a five year old and a six year old 🙂

I fell completely off the bandwagon of blogging every week since I started in February. I did work from home for the rest of the term break, prepare for visa application for our friend’s parents and keep the kids occupied all day long. Add in trips to the mall during lunch breaks to buy slime ( dont ask). The friends arrived a week later from the hospital to pick up their daughter and we sent them off with enough food to last for two days. All in all, it was an exhausting week for me. Needless to say, the next few weeks were spent lazing around like anything.

There is a public holiday coming Monday and I am so looking forward to this long weekend. We have book an Air BnB three hours away from home just to relax and beach visiting.

How have you all been 🙂

P.S Suggest some blogs to add to my reader kind readers ( wow it rhymed), most of whom I follow have stopped blogging 😦