Of a blog!

So many people blog everyday. About the love of their lives, what happened, what should have happened, how the other people treated them, how they missed on a promotion, about their wedding plans, recipes, photography, serious debates, baby stories etc etc etc

Here I am, joining them to tell you about  zack and me.

Our daily life chronicled here.

As of today, we have been married for over an year and 15 days.

I have known him for over 2 years and 20 days.

Met him thrice before our wedding

Unconventional, isnt it?





6 thoughts on “Beginnings

  1. totally cute it is 🙂 I loved reading each and every post published here..and I’m sad it has ended 😛 I mean the past !!! But with all happiness I’m waiting for you to write more and often…

    you could make out the frequent breaks that I took while commenting on your blog…that was when the princess at my home needed attention 🙂

    I’m repeating myself- I simply loved your way of writing…keep it up!


      • A couple of weeks before we were supposed to meet each other I started pestering to give me a nickname. He liked the idea and told I will think and let you know. I made the poor guy work on this for three days..rejected 2 of his proposed name..this one – Visha touched me..coz he crafted it or rather ‘made’ it (in his words)

        I was ready with Zack the moment I proposed this naming theory, and he liked it rightaway…just that I hardly address him as Zack..its become Zackie 😀

    • Thank you thank you thank you

      I cant thank you enough to take time to read all the posts in a single day Scribby 🙂

      Yeah..I could make that out, which makes me even more overwhelmed that you were juggling reading and attending to her.

      Aah…the joy and beauty of weekend is gonna be great 😀

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