After the first call, there was a lull. No communication from him. Neither did I write or call back. Β In the mean time, both the set of parents agreed to let the boy see the girl. The typical boy-comes-to-home-to-see-the-girl-with-family scenario was playing in my mind. Not knowing anything about the guy while I meet him was definitely uninteresting. Since papa had given me his profile, I had his email ID as well as his mobile number. But the first call was pretty awkward, not knowing what to say we both had almost hung up.

So I wrote him an email. Introduced myself and said this is my email ID. Yes, I send him an email only to mention my email ID πŸ˜€

Then the next day his reply comes.

And so we communicated through emails for the next month or so.

We came to know about each other quite a lot during that period. Likes, dislikes, future plans..etc..etc

I tried to find his qualities and nature through the words he wrote to me. I was actually expecting a call from him before we met face-to-face. He never even hinted that he wanted to talk to me. Just to see his reaction, I asked him in one of the emails – “Ever thought of calling me sometime?”

Ever the smart cookie, he said he did not know the correct time when I would be free to answer his call(Later I came to know that he was damn nervous in making the call :P).

But once the calls started, it has not stopped till date. I can say since that day, I have been hearing his voice every single day. Even if there is nothing to be told, discussed or asked, I simply call him to hear that smooth and silky voice.


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