After being in communication through emails and phones for more than a month, we met each other during the boy-comes-to-see-girl-with-family function. I was so damn nervous even though I had been talking with this guy regularly. When I went to meet him and the accompanying guests in the hall, my heart beats were so fast I was sure it would show in my face. I took my seat and looked around for the first time seeing who all had come to see me.

Peripherally, I saw him. I mean I did not meet his eyes πŸ˜›

The talks started along with the snacks and juices. The families exchanged histories and origins πŸ˜€

Suddenly this guy announces – “I want to talk to the girl alone”

After the initial hesitancy(which lasted like 1.99 sec), we talked face-to-face for the first time. Well, actually I did the talking and he was listening πŸ˜›

During that 5 minutes itself, he received 3Β textsΒ from his cousins asking how was the ‘meeting’ going on. Giving thatΒ happydentΒ smile which always manages to blow me away till date, he was multitasking between replying the messages and listening to me.

The high point of the meeting was not us coming face-to-face.

While he left the home, he almost reached the gate. He turned around, not finding me at the door, he asked my mom to call me. On seeing me come out, he gave his brilliant smile, lifted his hand and half-waved saying ‘bye’. That was my high point πŸ˜›

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