U, me aur family

The running joke in the family is that in case we have any wedding to be conducted, there is no need to call any guests.

No, we are not anti-social πŸ˜›

The sheer number of relatives will suffice you see πŸ˜€ (the last time we did a head count, it was 73)

Having belonged to a nuclear family all my life before marriage, suddenly seeing so many people around me at any given time wasΒ so overwhelming that I used to freak out. Poor Zack – he would be at his wit’s end thinking what did he do wrong πŸ˜›

You must have heard about the notion that post-marriage the couple, especially the girl puts on weight. No, it’s not the ‘love’ πŸ˜›

It’s the ‘n’ number of sweets which are fed to you – irrespective of the nature of time and duration.Β To see the newly wedded couple (read – us), relatives would be trooping in day and day out. Every one would have at least one mithai ka dabba with them. No matter how much you try to escape, you eventually get defeated by looking into their loving eyes. Zack conveniently devised a way for himself , saying I-dont-have-a-sweet-tooth-but-Visha-has-dont-just-give-her-one-give-two-three-sweets-she-will-like-it,Β taking a tiniest possible portion of the offered delicacy and then passing the rest on to me.

Come to think of it , may be thats why I was wide-eyed all time, seeing so many people with sweets and thinking about the impending disaster waiting to hit me (read- weight gain).

Wedding alters your life in many different ways – some good, some bad.

Good that I do not have to worry about the evening dinner if I am unwell, one phone call is all I need to make to get super delicious food on the table. Bad that I have to spend extra hours in the kitchen during some festival time when I have people dropping by.

Good that I get to play with my nieces, after a hard day at work, nothing is more refreshing than cuddling a two-year old. Bad that I have to give the same treatment to ALL the kids since there is never one without the rest of the toli, thus breaking my back :/

Good that some or the other plan is always on the cards for the weekend – travel, shopping or movies. No bad here πŸ˜› it is left upon me to decide where to go or what to do since I am a new addition.Β 

Yes, there is a definite loss of privacy for Zack and me – no hugging whenever we want, decrease in the ‘us’ time..etc..etc.. 😦

But we have our own ways to spend time with each other. Making it a ritual to have pani-puri together on Friday evenings, going to office together in the morning, long walks on Sunday evenings..etc..etc.. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

Initially I used to dislike the ever-increasing house guests/relatives we had to entertain, but over the period of time I understood how close-knit the family is and I started to respect their love and goodwill for each other. It may sound exaggerating to state that the affection which each member holds for the other is pure – but I am stating the way things are πŸ™‚

P.S Thank you all who took up the tag πŸ™‚

First tag

A wonderful surprise came in the form of this tag from the very gracious “My Dear You

Funnily, doing ’11-tag’ makes it my post#11 πŸ˜›

Rules of this tag

Oh there are many rules to this tag, which I am not gonna follow πŸ˜›  primarily because I am too lazy to do so πŸ˜€

But here is the gist:

Tell 11 things about yourself, answer the 11 questions asked by the one that tagged you, tag 11 other people and ask them 11 different questions.

So off we go πŸ™‚

11 things about myself

I have truck loads of patience. I once waited for my friend for 4 hours at the bus stop πŸ˜€

My hand-writing is very beautiful.

Absolutely love playing with kids.

When I don’t taste the food while cooking it turns out the best :/

The first movie I saw with Zack after marriage was Saath Khoon Maaf  πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

I cannot stand the smell of tobacco. If someone is smoking in the vicinity, I tend to go as far as possible

I fanatically stalk bloggers πŸ˜›

My memory is razor sharp.

I used to be very vulnerable and emotional during school days, crying at the drop of the hat if somebody told me off or chided me – but college gave me the ‘I dont give a damn’ attitude and made me super strong.

Can watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S any time, any place

Everything significant date, telephone number, house/room number, vehicle number in my life has got something to do with 3.

11 answers

Books/e-books ? Both

Live-in relationships/Marriage ? Marriage

First love/Last love ? Being in love is more important πŸ˜›

A book that has moved u.. Sisters

A movie u recommend.. Kahaani πŸ˜›

How,in ur daily ways,do u β€˜heal the world’ ? Help someone..almost regularly I am asked directions by commuters πŸ˜› 

Given a chance u would like to.. Go to sleep

Adopted child can be same as biological child.Ur views… Absolutely, both of them have the same necessities no πŸ™‚

An idea to help change this world,through blogging,could be.. Spread smiles

You would like to be remembered as.. A storyteller

A suggestion/feedback for β€˜My Dear U’ Keep spreading the love  πŸ™‚

 11 questions

  1. Early riser or late sleeper?
  2. Holiday on a beach or a mountain?
  3. List the cities in which you have lived so far.
  4. What kind of music do you like?
  5. How many BFFs do you have?
  6. Which is the last movie you saw?
  7. What is the name of your first school?
  8. What is the first thing which comes to your mind when you hear these words – ‘first love’?
  9. What is the first thing you notice when you go to any restaurant?
  10. List the most inspiring bloggers according to you
  11. Blogging to you is…….
I present this tag to

Now I want to make this a tag-with-a-twist.

Its not necessary to take up this tag on your blog and go through the routine of putting up the image and tagging(read torturing) others(you are most welcome to do so though :D)

Do I hear some kind people heaving a sigh of relief πŸ˜›

You could simply answer my questions in the comments section of this post. Would LOVE to hear from you (and know more about you which I may not have gathered while stalking you :P)

Your way and my way

One thing that was glaringly questionable to his family was my food habits. My family is vegetarian. They are non-vegetarians. In our community, vegetarians would be hard pressed to find. Here goes the conversation Zack and I had during one of our chats.

I am a pure vegetarian.

Yeah, so? I am also a ‘pure’ non-vegetarian.

No eggs too

I see

I wont cook either

No need, I myself am quite a good cook. In fact, you should check with my friends about my culinary skills

You sure there wont be any issues after marriage?

See, refraining from eating non-vegetarian food is your wish. I wont ask you to eat just because all of us here eat

Very happy to hear that

Now I have a question for you

Be my guest

Do you mind if someone else eats non-veg when you are eating? Your guest adores non-veg

Hahaha, so my guest loves non-veg…no issues with everyone else eating non-veg in the same table as me

Seriously? I have met vegetarians who make faces and do what-not if they have to share a table

Oh is it..I am not one of them then


After marriage, I found it very easy to adjust. On Sundays when eating meat is the norm, I would cook something for myself.

But one thing which I find I absurd till date is shunning non-veg on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Zack says on Thursdays the family does not eat because they are followers of Sai Baba and Lord Venkateshwara will be unhappy if they eat meat on Saturdays.

The first time I heard thisΒ I was like “Whhhhaaatttt ”

Lord Venkateshwara will be happy and bless you if you eat on Sunday or Monday but will take offense on Saturdays? And what, Sai Baba will curse you if you eat eggs on Thursday?

No matter how hard I try to make him see the logic, he refuses to skip the no-meat-on-thursday-and-saturday rule.