Both of us had chosen each other to be soul mates even before meeting each other. Setting up the first meeting was merely a pretext Β so that his family get to see me and vice-versa. πŸ˜€

Now due to some official work which papa could not avoid, he could not meet his would be + should be +Β must be – son-in-law πŸ˜›

So off went the message to Zack’s family that my parents would come to visit the boy.

When Zack met my parents for the first time, I was in my office. It must be after 4 hours that this guy calls up and chats as if nothing out of ordinary happened. The same how-are-you, did-u-have-lunch and whats-up type of questions. Not a single mention of my parents.

I was worried if papa had misread the address. I called him up and his phone was unreachable. Imagine my worry when Zack does not pick my call till evening and there is no communication from papa.

Then at last at 7 in the evening, Mummy called and said about the discussions which happened with his family. Apparently the would be in-laws had liked me and were happy about the match. Both the set of parents had then sat down to discuss the dates and venue of the engagement and marriage.

Zack called me at 9 andΒ inquired about the dinner. Still he did not mention anything about the proposal.

Without waiting for him I barraged him with a number ofΒ questionsΒ – “Why did you not tell your parents have accepted the match?Have you got any idea how worried I had got if this proposal would be accepted or not?Β  etc etc etc

Poor guy listened to all and there was silence for 5 seconds

Me: “What, you not going to say anything?”

Him: “I was sure about the success of this proposal . Why, did you have any doubt it wont work out?”

My heartbeat stopped for 2 seconds.

And fell in love with him all over again πŸ˜›



15 thoughts on “Discussions

  1. I rarely say this, especially when it comes to romance, because that bone is missing from my body, but I have to say it- Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.. :). You both sound as cute as buttons!

    • OMG…..Rajnikant of the blogosphere has set thy foot on my humble abode…..am honored….

      On a serious note…thank you so much Spiff..for such a wonderful comment….:) πŸ™‚


    • Hehehe…

      Not comparing to an actress…oh thats easy…

      see..actresses lose their fan following after some years..but actors like Rajnikant keep on gaining fans along with their increasing age…

      Now its your pick..some hot looking actress or Rajni πŸ˜›

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