Of iPad and ice sticks

Yesterday, my niece was literally eating her dad’s head to get her an iPad.

I did a double-take on hearing that. I am sure her grandma found it Greek, instead of geek 😀

Me: ”  Why do you need an iPad. What will you do with it  “

She: ”  I will play games in it  “

Me: ”  Play outside with your friends  ” 

She: ”  I am bored, I want to play games in iPad  “

Me: ”  Play in the laptop  “

She: ”  It is too heavy, I cannot carry it around. I will get tired. I want iPad “

I was too stunned to hear that. Somehow her dad pacified her saying it is too late and he will get it for her the next day.

What did I wish when I was a kid? More time to play in the sand outside 😛

That made me nostalgic about what all would make me happy and content when I was a child. Here’s a list of things which I would cherish even now, if only I had them *sigh*

This ‘pilot-pen’ was in vogue when I was 10. It came in blue, green, black and red ink. To own this in red ink was a pride amongst us students. It used to be very smooth and sharp and the guys in our class used to hit each other with its nib 😛

Used to bug my mummy for this rubbery+juicy candy till she got this for me every other day. It came in two flavours – strawberry and orange. The school canteen used to stock up this in huge quantities, since this used to be the default sweet you give during birthdays.

I still do not know what is this officially called – we used it say it ‘Pepsi’ 😛
It was flavoured ice sticks, sold for a rupee each. Invariably it was the ‘drink’ we had when we were in school 😀

My cousin after returning from the US gifted this address book to my father. My brother and I used to fight for it – just to see how it worked. I wished someone would gift me this on my birthday – it was the geekiest thing to own 😛


If the address book was the geekiest, the walkman would be the coolest 🙂


About a decade ago, these kind of use-and-throw pens became a rage. Every second kid in the school used to have them. I found them to be super comfortable, more than the known brands like Reynolds and Cello. I used to get them in bunches, in different colours – a colour for a subject 😛

I am damn sure if I get any of these things and hand it over to my niece, she will throw it over my head to the window behind me. Maybe, she will have the ice-stick – nobody can resist that 😛


35 thoughts on “Of iPad and ice sticks

  1. Aww, I totally remember craving these things too! We had that address book too, it was a gift. And I bugged my parents every birthday for a walkman until I finally got it when I was 12. It was so, so cool! Loved this post!

    • That address book was a novelty no 🙂

      I got a walkman when I turned 11, but it got repaired in less than 3 months 😀

      Glad you liked this Sumitra 🙂

  2. Ah, that walkman and pilot pen totally took me back in time… I used to fight hard with my brother to have that pen.. I was 6 years younger so he got it way earlier than me… Thanks for reminding those good times… 🙂 cute… 🙂

  3. I used to wish for Hotwheels cars, cricket/tennis balls and He-man toys. Somehow, the best things in life always seem to be either free or very close to it. The current generation of kids may not understand the fun in simple things.

    Destination Infinity

  4. hehe……such a cute post! Can’t exactly relate to it as I saw most of these things with my elder cousins in my growing years 😀 Can relate with your niece as I keep fighting with my man and others when we are busy on playstation 😀 😛

  5. I looooooooooved this post Visha. Simpel because I loved everything, just everything you have mentioned there though i haven’t seen the address book much. I also fancied notepads, dairies etc etc.
    bonkers – I cant forget it ever.
    Even remember the Picnic chocolate that came in? and turbo and all ?

    Pilot pens are still popular with me. I have a few of every colour. and the use and throw pens – sigh !
    visha visha – such an amazing post, really.

    I have an ipad, a glaxy tab and everythign now – but the joy I get seeing this post is unbeatable ! 🙂

    • haha..that was so cute Toffee…i think i know what to get you for your birthday 😉 😀

      I am so glad this post made you happy… you happy – me double happy 😀

  6. ye laptop bhii le lo, ye i-pad bhii le lo
    bhale chhiin lo mujhase mera i-phone
    magar mujhako lautaa do bachapan ki “Pepsi”
    vo colourful pens, vo Philips ka walkman…

    Made me very very nostalgic Visha…i actually kept my not working walkman for many years, actually let it go when Zini came.

    (BTW I don’t have the laptop, i-pad or i-phone, fir bhi pepsi, pens & walkman milega kya 😉 ??!?!)

    • haha…nice gaana re ZM 😉

      woh pepsi mast hoti thi na 😀

      naahi pepsi, naahi pen, naahi walkman hai mere paas abhi
      bas yaadein, yaadein aur yaadein hai bharpur abhi

  7. I feel so nostaligic reading this. I loved pilot pens 🙂 And the walkman … My bro and me would fight over it for our turn to listen to music 🙂 … and that pepsi was sold in our school too 🙂 … and that address book .. my dad had it too. True, it was the geekiest thing to own 🙂 Ah! your post brought back such memories 🙂 I want to go back to those times now 😦

    • Life was so easy and fun with stuff like these no? 🙂

      Glad you liked it 😉

      Erm….when I get a time traveller, I will come to your place and you can hop in…ok 😉 😀

  8. *sniff…*sniff… ;’) – this post actually brought tears to my eyes..

    Ahem..(straightening up) – of course, I was kinda older when these things were in vogue, but yeah, I still relate to these. In my childhood, I didn’t even know what a walkman looked like- everything else you mentioned were kind of available in different forms, but the walkman…that came to haunt me only when I was in PUC..

    Oh, and we used to just love playing outside. Thankfully, my daughter who turns 10 in June, has enough friends in the neighborhood to be lured by an iPad/pod; yes she does pester for my laptop, but I guess it depends on how much, we, as parents give in to their demands. But yes, technology is certainly in-built in them, and it doesn’t take a lot to figure things out. But it’s no surprise – how else do you explain our own savviness compared to our parents? Every generation has to be of the next version, not the previous, right?

    We could go on….

    Loved this post. 🙂

    • *offers tissues* – now sober up 😛

      I am surprised to see my niece working her way through the laptop, to play the games she wants. And to think she has just completed 4. You are right, kids are certainly in-built with how to use the technology. But at the same time, it is the real and not this virtual world which will teach them to play, fall down, get hurt, make friends, get strong, fight, laugh and of course the most important of all – to be fit and healthy.

      Super happy that you loved his post 🙂

  9. As a kind, while other investigated Atari and Acorn computers I was busy finding my way out of my nappy – then onto a cricket pitch. Once I knew what to do with the bat and how to throw a ball – nothing was stopping me.

    The items you mentioned above were before my time but the walk-man was indeed popular, it became very affordable and you couldn’t go anywhere without – the came the rechargable battery for the walkman and that was the iPad of the time.

    Brilliant post.

    • Welcome TBAB!!!

      So cricket hooked you up as a child..cool…

      Whenever we made any school educational or holiday trips, the walkman was indispensable 🙂

      Glad you loved this!

      • I find it in some shops back in Chennai 🙂 sold for 2rs though 😛 had it last year just for fun… but soon after thought what if the water is contaminated.. what if its made in an unclean environment etc.. As kids, we understand nothing and that ignorance was bliss 🙂 We cant enjoy it now without thinking abt the side effects..

        vacation was awesome as you know 🙂

        • Oh…did not know it is still out there…hehehe..inflation dear…from 1 to 2 😉
          Yes, the water contamination bit is true, which will restrict us from having it now..but as you said..childhood was the one phase when the heart wont understand such stuff and we would gorge on these things..

          oh yeah..cool vacation 😉

  10. Made me nostalgic. 🙂 I used to crave for all these little things too in my childhood – the Pilot pens of course, Nancy Drew and Bobbsey Twins books, compass boxes with magnets, pen-pencil, Fudgy bars, fancy sharpeners and slam books, glow-in-the-dark stickers, glitter, Sparkle, crayons and sketchpens in as many colours as possible, Squeezee water bottles…. 😀

    Sometimes I wonder.. will our kids never feel the joy of simple things like we used to?

    • hehe…seeing this list, it seems I missed out pointing out a lot of stuff in this post 🙂

      I loved glitter pens…do u remember the glitter nail-polish..which had those sticky stars in it… and yeah, squeezee bottles used to come handy in the fights 😀

      The kids of this generation find joys in the things which are far-fetched acc to us, but not for them 🙂

  11. Pepsi/sipups … slluurpppp…..:P .. well then again i guess, our parents did not need a computer, where we did. :). Even i seem to wonder , just like you mentioned about the changing playthings that children demand of :- however , thats what we have in thi sgae. But yea one thing im proud ofi sthe gae where i was born an age of transitions – from pager to mobiles, from floppy’s-cd’s to pendrives ;), from computer – laptop – ipads , from taperecorders – walkmans – ipods 😀 …

    all we can do i schange with age, and yea, ice lolly is still the same 😛

    • Change is the only thing which is constant 🙂

      Ahh..the joy of even holding the latest gadgets of our time..which the kids of this age throw away mercilessly 😀

      Of course, ice sticks will rock forever 😛

  12. You made me nostalgic! I was gifted two walkmans on my 10th b’day(by different people ofcourse) I still have both of stored away. I use one of the ear pieces when I listen to music on my laptop. Did you ever use a pager? My dad’s friend use to have one and I thought it was very cool. I wanted my dad to buy one too!

  13. ohhhh Pilot Pen!!! You remember there was this blue version of the pilot pen too ? We used to specially write exams with these pens…and Reynolds? Can’t have another option for even today…in fact just on our recent visit to the mall we bought a packet of 25 Reynolds pen 🙂 both me and Husby writing with that pen!

    This pepsi-Summer time fav !!!! We used to call it pepsi too 🙂 I think somewhere else it is called ‘chuski’ too 🙂 it used to cost 50p. then!!!

    My dad too owned this address book..in fact Husby has one till date,it’s another story that we don’t use it anymore 😦

    Sigh at today’s children…but that’s what they are becoming-all blames to the technology and the times we are dwelling in now 😦 We were exposed to the above mentioned things and hence we love them till date…playing in the evening was something every kid our age used to look forward to…come home from school-quickly have lunch-finish the homework and fatak se go for playing 🙂

    The old time…the good old times!!!

    • Umm..no dear..I only remember the white ones..I used to collect of different inks just because it was a thing of beauty 😛

      Reynolds! At this moment, it is lying on my desk..still use it..nothing can beat it..even Zack loves this particular brand

      chuski sounds funny 😀

      Yep..playing outside no matter the heat, dust, rain..the only thing which used to worry us was not getting ‘Out’ in any of the games 🙂

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