The mysterious behaviour of Mr.Zack

Men are mysterious souls. NO, women are not. Or may be Zack and I are the oddest couple in this whole universe.

Yesterday we had a fight.

Not the loud fight which is usually shown in the movies. Diametrically opposite to that. We do not yell or shout. We remain silent. Not a single word. Sooner or later either he or me will come around. One might say that talking will ease the tension and help in sorting out stuff. What both of us think is whatever you talk while in a state of anger – wont be from the heart, it will unknowingly or knowingly cause pain. An angry mind cannot dole out words with calmness and filled with sense. At least, this is the case for us two. Instead, being silent with each other gives us time with ourselves, to think what went wrong. Yes, apologies do happen after the silent treatment. If at fault – say sorry, a kiss and a hug and we are back to normal 🙂

Now what happened yesterday?

He chided me for some thing and I refused his hug there after. Now, to be impartial to him, it was not a very serious matter in which he lost his cool. I was in the pooja room arranging stuff and he did not know that. He asked me to get him some old newspaper from the living room while he was on a ladder cleaning the loft base. I went to him after 2 or 3 minutes. That is another matter that I fuelled his anger by laughing seeing him balance one foot on the ladder and another on the loft edge.

I am working in the kitchen after doing the pooja and this guy disappears suddenly, without telling me where he has gone. I call him after an hour, he still does not say where is he when asked, on top of it – sounds irritated.

What do I do then?

Put down the phone and book tickets for a movie at afternoon. I had been wanting to watch this flick this weekend, but impromptu I decided not to let the noon while away in gloominess. He came and we went to the talkies. He knew I was aloof because of his behaviour, but he did not say a word.

Back home after the movie, we had guests at evening. After dinner, he was working on the laptop while I was watching TV. He came in and straight went to bed. Not a single word even then.

Tossing and turning. Again and again. Now this is a guy who will sleep even if 10 loud speakers are blaring. He was troubled catching a wink. The sight was amusing, but I could not fathom why did he just not stop it and say whatever it was in his mind.

You might ask why did you not put him at ease by initiating a talk. Well, to be very honest, this was a first time when I saw him behaving this odd. Something was there in his mind which he just could not blurt out. We have a habit of kissing each other goodnight before sleep no matter how late or tired. I could see he was itching to get up and grab me. But God knows what was stopping him.

Today afternoon he was at his whacky and cheerful best over chat.

Visha: Do you remember where you kept that old telephone directory which you found yesterday?

Zack: Oh yeah, why?

Visha: I want to hit you with that

Zack: My pleasure darling

I could not find a smiley for this emotion/ action – FACEPALM

38 thoughts on “The mysterious behaviour of Mr.Zack

    • Nope..the silent treatment continued till today’s breakfast…then it was just a hug…who knows what happened in the afternoon..he was his cheerful best…maybe the pulao I packed for him did the trick 😀 😀 😀

      Yes, we went..I did not want to miss a much valuable holiday doing nothing worthwhile..if we would have been home..both of us would have sulked..the movie was worth it getaway by the way 😀

  1. hehehehe Visha !
    Really? That was so so weird. And a kiss and a hug before sleeping is a wonderful thing to do which we follow too 🙂
    What was he actually annoyed about?
    And very cute of you to think of using the telephone directory 😛 and also, which movie?

  2. hehehe Visha!
    And I agree, Men are the most mysterious souls! And their mystery is irritating, grr….!
    Reading this post feels like I am reading something penned by me. This is exactly the case in my situation. We give silent treatment or what I would like to call it- a cold war 😀
    And later we make up with a kiss and a hug, generally he is the one to do so 😛 and also endless love messages(when we are not together)
    And going out, especially for a movie during fights is the best thing to do! I, myself have done this! And ‘Vicky donor’ is the movie you should not miss for anything! This was just a small fight! 😀
    And a telephone directory is your weapon- Nice!!

    • Hahaha CD…sailing in the same boat, arent we 😉

      Cold war is way better and effective 😀

      After Kahaani, VD is the best in the lot..I did not have the heart to use the directory seeing him so tired after office…but nevertheless, I hit him to my heart’s content with pillows 😀

  3. hehehe… same pinch… we follow the same rule – remain silent rather than shouting. After the initial round of apologizing, i will explainthings in a different light to him and he gains the realization 😛

    After reading this post, it feels like you have just said one of my fight episodes.. 😛 It happens the same here many times…

    A kiss and hug before saying good night.. wow.. wonderful.. you both are a cute couple 🙂

    • Pixie 🙂

      thanks 😛

      Oh yeah..Vicky Donor is a must watch…even though we were not talking, we were laughing our guts out 😀

  4. See I m here!! Cannot agree more with you!! Yes Men r mysterious creatures on earth..
    Lol on u guys n ur cute fights.. who dont fight tell me.. But its a nice way to end it by watching a movie ha ha …

    I too hv listed some of our(Me n hubbys) fights/laughs/activities/craziness in my “Nauk Jaunk” series of my blog.. ha ha its fun isnt it!!

    • Welcome dear 🙂

      Its the fights and nok-jhonk which make it interesting, as they say…without ‘variety’ whats the fun 😉

      If you could put up the categories cloud, it would be easy to navigate to that series, coz am unable to find this one in the tag cloud in your space 🙂

      • Hey retunred back to tell you that now you can see a cloud called “Nauk Jaunk” I am comparitevely new to WordPress so plz bare with my lack of knowledge.. Hope u enjoy my 2 NJ series.. I guess soon I need to put one more too!!

  5. Awwww

    Glad you guys patched up! 🙂

    Vicky Donor is good, eh? I have been wanting to see the movie too.

    We also follow the hug-before-bedtime and the silent-treatment-during-a-fight. 😀

    • OMG look who’s here..happy to see you here 😀

      Vicky Donor is super good re….must must must watch…

      Same pinch 😛

    • Hey PeeVee 🙂


      Men are wired that way PeeVee, if they have something in their mind, they wont blurt it out, unless it is something related to cars or sports.

      And they say women are so difficult when they themselves are so 😀

      Glad to see you here 🙂

      • I know!! Somehow WE end up being the ‘complicated’ ones. Gah.

        Not my first time, V 😛 I have been poking around in your archives and reading about how you guys met and all for some time now… Never did comment though 🙂

  6. Visha,you have your own mystery man!!!!

    Reminded me of a joke, where a boyfriend was sulking on a date with his GF. The GF thought he doesn’t like me, he likes someone else, he doesn’t like spending time with me & that is why he is sulking.

    Hey Vicky Donor huh!!! Good movie 🙂

    • ZM!!!

      😆 Zack hates sports in general, so I can guess what goes in his mind when he is not his usual self 😉

      Vicky Donor mast hai na 🙂

  7. hhahahhaha to the old telephone directory 😀 … I love our Posts ..You have a new follower… frankly i love the relation btw the two of u a lot, ;), you have eased my worries about an arranged marriage 😛 …

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