Over the weekend, we visited Zack’s aunt. After the niceties, we had this conversation.

Aunty : Visha, you have lost weight. You look so thin.

Me : ( I imagine balloons flying all around me, am so happy ) Is it so Aunty, thank you.

Aunty : But whats this, you are looking so dark.

Me : ( All the balloons are punctured and they fall down ) Oh, I did not notice.

As if on cue, Zack cracks a joke. Everyone in the room is laughing. Our eyes meet.

There is a smile playing in his eyes saying take it easy.

 Of course, I am cool say my eyes.

Back home, when we were getting ready for sleep…

Zack : ( Hugging me tightly ) My beautiful wife

Me : Your aunt does not think so

Zack :  Thats her view, for me you are beautiful

Me : But you always say that

Zack : And it is true

Me : Always?

Zack : Always. Every single day

( Balloons have again started flying around me and I am flying along with them )

I am very average looking, not fair, with dark spots all over my face. I always get a ‘prasad’ from the Sun God when I walk on his land resulting in a tan. Pimples and zits convey their monthly greetings without fail. But all these have not stopped Zack from loving me. Boo to the dark spot, pimples and yeah, the Sun too 😛

As you already know, Zack and I chose each other without meeting each other in person. When I saw his photo, it was all right- he looked decent in his formals. Had a lovely smile and his eyes spoke of sincerity and earnestness. A month later when the emails and phone calls became regular, I got to know more about him as a person. Still, I had not felt that I should see him as I was already in love with him. It was not as if I was marrying a 3 legged or four eyed alien. As long as I knew his heart was in the right place, I was ready to live my life with him.

When I did meet him for the first time, I was pleased to see that he was not very different from the photo which I saw. The same smile and the same honest eyes. Like me, he too had dark spots and acnes. All in all, I was happy that I was marrying this guy.

After a couple of days of the first meeting, I asked Zack what was his thought or reaction on seeing me.

Me : So what did you think when you saw me for the first time?

Zack : You looked prettier in the picture than in real

Me : ( I was dumbstruck, so without thinking I started blabbering ) Oh is it, then how come you accepted the alliance if you did not like me? Be honest, no need to marry me just for the sake of it…blah…blah…blah…

Patiently he let me rant, after I was done, calmly he answered.

Zack : Come on Visha, did I ever mention I did not like you?

Me : ( Racking my brains ) No

Zack : I just said you looked better in the photo

Me : ( In a small voice ) Yes

Zack : I came to see you to present myself , so that my family gets to see you. I had already chosen you Visha even before coming here. When I first saw your photo, you had 2 eyes, 2 ears, a nose and a mouth all at the correct place. Your smile was innocent and I liked the fact that you sent me a casual photo and not a studio clicked photoshopped one. We talked to each other, got to know each other and I liked you. Now I meet you after all these weeks. And I find you the same. When we talked, I liked your boldness and your shyness at the same time. Now you tell me, why would your looks matter for me when I know you have a beautiful mind?

Of course I was speechless for few minutes. Only if someone had seen me that moment, they would have re-defined the term happiness.


48 thoughts on “Beautiful

  1. so very cute… 🙂 and you know what, you are definitely underselling yourself by saying you are average looking and blah blah… I don’t believe a word… and the prasad of Sun.. he he… Sun ji has been very generous on me too.. 😐

  2. hehe… SO sweet!! 🙂
    Love you Visha! This post makes me want to hug you tight, VERY tight!
    And Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder 🙂 And you are a very preety girl, with a preety name.
    Oh! I never told you- I love your name 🙂
    Reminds me of my wedding when I came to Delhi thinking, “If he will choose me, well and good nahi toh, Ki farak painda hain, Delhi ghum lenge!” 😀

    • CD!!!! Here…I take your tight hug and give you a tighter hug back 🙂

      Thank you dear…balloons all around me seeing your love… 😀

      Delhi ghum lenge 😆 Atta girl, thats the spirit…

      CD..why dont you do your wedding story sometime? Give it a thought ok 😉

  3. That’s so sweet of Zack … trying to lighten the atmosphere after what the aunt said 🙂 True! Beauty lies in the eyes and heart of the beholder. You both are a sweet sweet couple 🙂

  4. Being perfectly average is also something to be proud of, sweetie. I’m perfectly average, and I couldn’t be happier about it. And that’s the sort of guy I want too. Perfectly average. Not so handsome that I’ll get a complex, not so bad-looking that I’ll not want to see his face only. SOmeone who is the perfect balance between ordinary and awesome. 🙂

    P.S:- I stole that term, perfectly average, from Ek Main aur Ek Tu. Made a whole lot of sense to me.

    • Rather be average than be one of the many perfects, what say Spiff 😉

      Perfectly average makes complete sense. Ahh..its joys and fun….

      You will definitely bump into the awesomely ordinary guy. Just like me 😉

  5. That’s such a cute story. Left me touched. 🙂
    Good to know that people with such beautiful minds are still around.

    You and Zack decided to marry each other without even meeting? :O Sorry, I missed your earlier posts, so never knew about this!! Will soon read up on those.

    • Thanks dear 🙂

      The meeting was scheduled for this main reason, that we see each other and then decide 😛 But over phone, email and chats destiny played its role 🙂

  6. Visha, that’s such a beautiful thought – from you and Zack 🙂

    K and I decided to marry without seeing each other too for a couple of years. Ya, well, I love the way you talk of happiness from such ultimate events in life.

    What average looking re? Everyone is average only. Haven’t you heard, beauty is skin deep?

    It is EXACTLY these things that define beauty and happiness. And you have found yours 🙂 God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks Toffee 🙂

      Not meeting for 2 years is quite a long time, well…why dont you do your wedding story…would love to hear your love story 😉

  7. wow Zack is really a sweet guy! and so true n so nicely said.. Beauty is in the eyes of a beholder!! One day the color n beauty will fade, and wat reamins in the heart n the feelings!!
    Plz stop saying, average beauty, acne ,spots etc.. who dont hv? Like Kismi said it.. Beauty is Skin Deeep and see how Zack re-difined the term “Happiness”

    Kaala theetha (Drusthi as we say) to you guys!!

    • Yes, what remains at last is the heart

      Arrey Deepsi, thats exactly my point…all of us are average with not-so-perfect features, thats why we chose each other knowing the heart and not the face 🙂

      Kaala teeka? hey thats sweet of you 🙂

      • Frankly I used to be v v sad abt my looks, color, ance, marks etc,, During my teen days (college) etc I used to envy ppl with good looks and at the same time feel depressed n rejected.. Once Appi in my Life (when he started liking me) How he liked me wihtout caring abt my looks etc.. He changed my perception abt things.. Now I do not care wat others think as far as my guy loves me for wat I am.. 🙂 these mysterous men teach v important thing with these true gestures isnt it..

        • Even now I wonder how some faces are so clean and devoid of any scar 😆

          Yep thats true, thats why men will forever be mysterious 😉

  8. such a cute cute post from a sweet sweet person.. Zack is too good 😀 You make a great couple…

    I have several incidents from meeting several relatives (like Zack’s aunt) in the 14 months of marriage.. When its a good comment, I fly, else it definitely hurts my ego.. I crib to S endlessly.. He comforts me in the same way Zack did.. That feels super great right? At the end of the day, your guy needs to love you unconditionally.. irrespective of what others feel or say!
    I am sure you are a very beautiful person and so is Zack.. you both have beautiful hearts and great love to share…

    I loved this post Visha 🙂

    • Thank you so much GB 🙂

      I was apprehensive initially by the comments and reactions, but now I have learnt to take it light. Yes you are right, when the hubby loves you, what else is needed 😉

      Glad you liked it GB!!

  9. Running the risk of sounding feminine – Awwwwww 😀

    Its cute that you guys have such a good rapport and even better that the both of you saw beyond appearances to be with each other, after all appearances change with time but people’s nature usually doesn’t.

    Cheers 🙂

    • I thought you had forgotten this space 😦

      Since you took such a huge risk, you have made me forget my sadness 😆

      I myself was very much surprised as to how could I fall for a person who I know only by words, but thats destiny for you 😉

      Glad to see you here AS 🙂

  10. Awww…. SO cute, this.

    People DREAM of having a guy who find you beautiful even in a sack, seems like you got yours ❤

    And you don't need to be pretty, you don't need to have perfect skin and beautiful hair, you only need someone who loves us for who we are rather than what we look like. *sigh*

    • Thanks PeeVee 🙂

      Yep, I got mine who wont flinch even if I look like a zombie ( he will take a photo and show it to the baccha – party though ) but it is vice-versa too. You want to feel loved in whatever form you are, you need to have that kind of love in your heart for the other person too 🙂

  11. awwww, isnt that what all women want at the end of the day – her guy looking at her, ad stating that she is all he wants… 🙂 i lovedd your have depicted the insecurities that we women carry with us, and the way men , erase it away with something as simple as a smile, a word, touch … hmmmm …. beautiful

    • Thank you Z 🙂

      Oh yeah…that post of yours is so straight-from-heart. Loved the way you ended it, the relation between smile and words.

  12. lol @ ballons punctured 😛 and prasad from Sun god 🙂

    how sensible is this As long as I knew his heart was in the right place, I was ready to live my life with him.

    Aww @ Zack’s comment in the end..

    P.S. by the way reading all your posts at once I’ve realized that you are fond of using the term ‘re-defined’ 🙂

    • 🙂

      True no? whats the use of spending time with any person when their intent is not honest and good.

      I am actually so happy-happy to see you reading all my posts..*flying*
      Re-defined? Is it..never realised that 🙂

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