Wooed with food

2 things have made me very happy in less than 24 hours.

First, Zack came home early by 2 hours. Usually he comes home by 11, but yesterday I was more shocked than surprised to see him home at 9. When I asked him why was he grinning, I got the oh-god-let-me-bang-my-head-on-the-wall answer, “After so many months, I will finally get to see whats happening in the TV serial”

Second, today morning when I fixed him his favorite maida dosa for his breakfast, he remarked – “Visha, you can replace my mom in the cooking department. The taste in food is exactly like hers”. I countered – “I have my own cooking style.” “Oh yes you do, but in your dishes. The kind of food my mom makes – you have matched that. You are turning out to be a better cook day by day”.

Overlooking the fact that this guy hardly spends the days at home, I went into flashback mode thinking what made him say this.

Since the elders in the family have gone for a pilgrimage to North India, it’s just the both of us since Thursday. The nephew was with us till Saturday night and he is a maha-choosy guy, in the eating department. Our family loves oil and fried food like anything. And this guy hates oil like anything. Why I asked. Because I will get pimples, he said. But that is natural for a 19-year old, I replied. His answer – my college starts Monday and I don’t want to attend my new semester with a pimple on my face. I was speechless when I heard that. He usually resorts to curd rice or rasam when we make nice full meals.  

Thinking how could I make this guy veer away from his staple diet, I made a plain kurma with a side dish on Saturday. And methi roti for Friday night. The nephew ate both peacefully. On Sunday, Zack’s friends had come visiting in the evening. Two newly married couples. Now you cant be working in your room when your friends come visiting you, right? So Zack had no option but to stop doing his office work 😀

Time flew and suddenly we were staring at the clock with hungry stomach. Letting the guests chat away, I quickly made them aloo paratha and a capsicum sizzler. It was met with an enthusiastic response, with the hubby feeling proud of this wife.

So this is the reason – I am meeting approvals from the unlikeliest corners, my nephew( the maha-choosy guy), his friends( they don’t mince words when food is bad 😉 ) and hubby himself( who needs every dish to be perfect) in the food department. Who thought using less than 5 ingredients can give you a good cook label 😛

Now I wish to share my happiness. Here is the recipe of capsicum sizzler. You can have it as-is or with hot chappatis.


Capsicum – 1
Tomato – 1
Onion(big) – 1
Cumin seeds – 1/2 teaspoon
Red chilli powder – 1 teaspoon
Salt as per taste


  1.  Julienne the onion, capsicum and tomato.
  2. In a kadai , heat 1 teaspoon of oil and add cumin seeds. When they start giving tiny splutters, add the onion.
  3. Keep tossing them while catching the quick glance on how the hungry souls are faring.When the onions turn slightly golden, put in the tomatoes. Stir fry on high for 3 minutes..
  4. When you observe the tomatoes turning slightly mushy, throw in the capsicums.
  5. After a minute of stirring, add the red chilli powder and salt, stir for 5 minutes – tada, sizzler is ready! Call the people around to pounce on it.

In case you wonderful people try it out and it does not come well, kindly let me know. I will come and make it for you 🙂

Dear hubby

Ten times I tell you the cobwebs need to be removed from the rooms, you hardly pay heed
At the end you do come to my help when you see me doing your deed

Mysteriously, the number loved by me as well as you is nine
We see this number is all things dear, sundry and fine

Everyday, I send you emails sometimes counting upto eight
From you I will have just a single update

Seven days you are working, working and working
While all I do is working, cleaning and cooking

Your nieces and nephews keep pulling my leg now and then with their jokes and tricks
Still, I love and adore each one of the six

Due to the extra generous helpings of the pizza five nights ago
My favourite kurta is showing signs of tear, I feared this you know

Beats me why you need four pairs of clothes for a couple of days visit to the hometown
When you use the same set of jeans and shirt for all things to be done out in the town

Till date, you have given me three gifts
No matter how much I hint for that red rose, you do not get the drifts

Two years ago, I saw you for the first time this day
How eager and nervous I was I cannot say

We smiled at each other the moment we looked
That day when you and me became one, hooked and booked

The leopard ate my dinner

What is with these National Geographic/ Discovery channels?

Why do they have to broadcast leopards feasting on a deer at dinner time?

And why do the men in my home always seem interested in watching the ‘kill’ when eating their own food, thus ruining my dinner time?

Picture this:

Zack, MIL, FIL, Nephew and me are having dinner.

Me : “Please change the channel. Am unable to see this and eat at the same time”
Zack : “Come on Visha, just look at this. Imagine the speed of the leopard..and see how the deer is running away”
Me : ” Whats the need to imagine, the deer has to run to save its own life, right”
Nephew : “But see how fast both are running. Wow”
FIL : “I wonder why just one leopard is going after a herd of deers. If another one joins, they can catch at least 2”
MIL : “Ayyo, concentrate on your food. That animal will take care of itself ”
Zack : “There…did you see that Visha..he has pounced on the deer.”
Me : “For God’s sake, do not discuss Zack.”
Nephew : “Maama, that was awesome no”
Me : “Why are the three of you so interested in watching this?”

The guys did not pay any heed to my question, they were so intently watching the TV.

I have to nudge the nephew and Zack to get back to their plates.

Zack : “Visha, you were asking something?”
Me: “yeah..whats so interesting about this?”
Nephew : “About what”
Me : “About one prani killing other prani”

And the room was filled with a cloud burst of laughter

Sigh..Men I say 😐