Whoosh. Slurrp. Zzzzz. Slurrp. Whoosh.

What do you call a period when you do nothing apart from eat, sleep, watch the idiot box to your heart’s content, read books and in the meantime, laze whenever you want?

I call it heaven.

My parents home was my heaven during the past week. It had been 7 months since I visited my ‘maayka’ and I was desperately longing for a holiday from the never-ending home-office-home routine, coupled with the unending stream of relatives / visitors  due to the school vacations where the kids and their moms both needed yours truly’s company. Nagging Zack for a mini-vacation for even 2 days was also useless, since he was dumped with work from his boss. Thankfully, my stars thought that I deserved a break and I landed myself up a week’s holiday.

What did I do over there?

Ate mangoes to till my stomach threatened to throw up. All the food which I missed here was devoured the instant it landed on my plate. The one thing I noticed after eating there was my metabolism rate shot up like anything. At dinner at 9 I eat till I can take it no more. At 5 in the morning, I am hungry again 😛

I read a book after a long time. The Immortals of Meluha – fully recommended if you are free for a long stretch of time. I could not keep myself from bookmarking any single page. Each chapter was a page turner. Am waiting to lay my hands on the next in this trilogy.

Being true to her word, ma did not give me even a single house-hold work. I thought she was joking but was overwhelmed seeing the way ma and pa were treating me. I could define the term- lazy bone if someone had visited me. It was such a contrast from my in-laws place where I hardly get to rest that I was seriously unwilling to pack my bags for my departure to my ‘sasuraal’.

My return flight journey was very eventful. At least for me it was 😉

  • I was first in the queue who lined up for boarding the flight.
  • We were supposed to pass through the aero-bridge to take our seats. I was midway when I was asked to stop due to some last minute cleaning. So behind me stood a line full of people patiently thinking what had happened suddenly 😀
  • I was assigned a window seat. But the 2 seats besides me were empty throughout the journey. The rest of the aircraft was full 😛

Zack was on his own during this week since the rest of the family had gone to Chennai for a function. The day before I left my parents to fly down here, I asked what he had for dinner.

Maggi soupy noodles.

No wonder I always thought he brags about his cooking skills 😀

Its back to the grind now. Strangely, it feels bliss 🙂

32 thoughts on “Whoosh. Slurrp. Zzzzz. Slurrp. Whoosh.

    • Hehe..the more time you are away from your parents…the more they will indulge you when you are home…

      Hope you get a chance soon to visit them 🙂

  1. Reading this post was bliss 🙂 Vacations do that to you ! 🙂
    Also the trilogy is on my mind – have heard too much about it now. need to get hold of that !

  2. Awesome, glad you finally got the break you were so craving for. And the mangoes too! Oh I hate it when the seat next to me in a plane is empty. I like sitting next to strangers and discreetly observing their actions. hehe. Yeah, I’m creepy like that.

    • oh yeah…I was cribbing it to one and all that I need a vacation..so when I had one in hand, I made the best use of it.

      It was eerie for me not to have anybody besides me…

  3. Mummmmyyyyy!!! I want to go to mummy nowwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  4. Wow, you had lots of fun & mangoes?!?!?! girl you are very lucky, you know that??? Touch lots of wood….i feel as if i had such vacations in past life, they seem so distant now with Zini around…..

  5. Good to hear you had a relaxing time with parents, even I am much more relaxed and happy when I spend with my family, yet I find it happier getting back to my home 🙂

  6. A short break here and there works wonders in rejuvenating human mind 🙂 glad that you took that break !

    oh and people standing behind you in line waiting, celebrity moment that eh? 😉 ‘hum jahan khade hote hain line wahi se shuru hoti hai’ 🙂

    • Definitely..the break was a charm 🙂

      Haha..true..i have never ever been first to stand in any line consciously…so seeing a queue behind me in the middle of the aerobridge was amusing

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