You go inside a book shop


The first row itself excites you


Select the ones which you like


You turn to another aisle


Something else catches your fancy


Not wanting to leave it, you take that too


After 4 floors and 16 aisles


you have more books than you intended to buy


but sadly, your purse does not agree to your whims


you start choosing from the bounty which you so lovingly created


after some heart wrenching moments, you choose the best of the lot


at the moment of billing, your eye falls on THE book


How can you not own that, you ask yourself


And you lovingly indulge yourself, smiling and laughing


I paid a visit to Blossoms on Saturday. Needless to say, I was overjoyed. Came out with heavy bags and a light purse 😉


P.S Replace the word book with sari. Same experience no 😀

Boring week

How do you people make your weekends exciting and interesting?

The last week was so drab, dull and boring that I had half a mind to take run away to some secluded beach. I would at least spend my time collecting shells and playing in water.

Last weekend, I did nothing. The house was chakachak thanks to my new disease, so no house-work. I had finished reading a book on Friday night, did not have a new one to start. Simply whiled away time by watching TV. Next day I had planned for a walk by the lake. But thanks to the visit by the extended family of in-laws, it went bust. I spent time with my niece – after some time, even she was tired by the constant decibel levels in the main room. We went to my room, she promptly started bugging me to put Pogo. And I had to settle in with watching a cartoon movie about Barbie 🙄

This whole week, it was back to the home-work-home grind. The one thing I am starting to hate is these useless team meetings. First they keep a deadline for us to finish the project, then they call us to discuss the milestones in it. Only thing is there is no discussion, only listening. I had narrowly caught myself from nodding off right in front of my manager 😀

Tomorrow is Friday and I just got a mail stating the start of another project. God is making my life colourful. Colourful with three colours – black, white and red. What? These are the only colours which come up in the coding editor 😛