Guess what?

When I am low

in moments of tiredness and ache

you provide me relief with your soothing power


When I have to start anew

with a vigour and freshness

you seep in every tiny pore of my skin


Be it any place, time or day

Am so addicted now, am unable to start my day without you



P.S No, its not coffee 😛


76 thoughts on “Guess what?

    • Just had a thought about this, its been so long that I had almost forgotten this game 😀

      Well your money is not completely wasted, you are pretty close though 🙂

  1. I’m just gonna wait till you reveal the answer!! All my guesses have already been mentioned by the others! 😀

  2. No fish! I was about to type but thought let me check if someone has already guessed it right 😦 and yo…Pripat has…hmmpf @ being away for 3 days from blogging…result: late in making correct guesses and loosing on a surprise gift 😦 oh wait there was not surprise gift mentioned right? *sigh of relief* 😛 😛

    • haha…theres always another time dear Scribby 😉

      😛 Surprise gift..hmm…let me think of it when I plan this game the next time 😉

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