You go inside a book shop


The first row itself excites you


Select the ones which you like


You turn to another aisle


Something else catches your fancy


Not wanting to leave it, you take that too


After 4 floors and 16 aisles


you have more books than you intended to buy


but sadly, your purse does not agree to your whims


you start choosing from the bounty which you so lovingly created


after some heart wrenching moments, you choose the best of the lot


at the moment of billing, your eye falls on THE book


How can you not own that, you ask yourself


And you lovingly indulge yourself, smiling and laughing


I paid a visit to Blossoms on Saturday. Needless to say, I was overjoyed. Came out with heavy bags and a light purse 😉


P.S Replace the word book with sari. Same experience no 😀

39 thoughts on “Booked

    • I bought all, the ones which I had plus THE one 😉

      haha..yes, sarees are more expensive, I was talking about the variety and choices

      of course me 😛

  1. u have been enjoyin these riddles in ur posts lately. (thank god this was with an answer:p)
    well new books!! sounds good.. Happy reading!. n tell me about some new books which i can consider for a good read.
    n btw evrytime i go for shopping clothes, i experience the same..

  2. I totally agree with you, but I was like that years back, though now (maybe it’s the effect of my old age), I never get so tempted anymore by anything 😥 😥

  3. I do online shopping from Flipkart too…but going to a book store and buying books is out of this world experience 🙂 YAY to heavy bags..never mind the light purse 😀

    Sari? Never done sari shopping as such 🙂 but yeah western outfits chalega? 😀

    • true, moving through rows and rows of books is out-of-world 🙂

      yes, anything for good reads 😀

      Of course western chalega…the number of times you go round and round for that perfect set 😆

  4. LOL. Same story here. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Blossoms is an awesome, awesome place! 🙂

    Blossoms is comparitively lighter on the purse than other bookshops, no? So, you can shop for more books. 😀

    PS: I can usually control myself in case of sarees, but in case of books, very difficult!

    • I came to know about Blossoms from yours and Misty’s posts 😛

      Yes, it is lighter compared to other shops. But the same thing – the sheer number of books which are available make your purse lighter invariably 😉

      Sarees, I go only for occasions, I experienced this for my wedding shopping, no matter how much I had, there always was a space for one more 😆 Funnily, the book shopping and saree shopping are so much similar in my case 😀

    • haha..somewhere in my mind, while I was writing this post, I thought you will ask me this 🙂

      Not able to recollect fully, but lets see:
      I bought one Amish ( Secret of Nagas), a Tom Harper ( Lazaraus vault), a David Baldacci(dont remember).

      Wait, I will get back with the list tomorrow 🙂

  5. I loved going to bookshops and roaming there for hours. But nowadays, I shop online because of lack of time. I hate it but thats the way it is. 😦

  6. ha ha ha 🙂 I so love that heavy bag and light purse!! 🙂

    not sure if the same happens with sari… except of I am in such a good mood.. but happens all the time with the salwars.. 🙂

    • oh yes, on top of that it was raining, I was making sure the heavy bag gets the maximum protection under the umbrella than me 😆

      salwars…I spend hours getting the perfect material 🙂

  7. Oh, I am like this with shop in general. And books, tho, don’t ask only. Phew! When I read your lines, I was like, Visha has had one amazing shopping trip – thats the best feeling one can walk away with , Visha 🙂
    It has been a fortnight since I looted hubby – I must do it asap. ASAP !
    And oye, I love your lines re 🙂 Serious. Hugs! And do share the list and reading experiences 🙂

    • you bet Toffee…it was a wonderful experience…more so, because it was my first time here 🙂

      Looto looto 😆

      Thanks 🙂

      I am currently reading Tom Harper’s Lazarous vault…most of which I have purchased is of the thriller genre. Will get you the list 😉

  8. I do the same in grocery/clothes/books shopping..collect one after another whatever catches the eye and decide while I queue in the billing section. So, you had a good shopping trip ,eh?Wheres this weekend trip to ?:) Try visiting the Bangalore Book festival and another one on those lines (whose name I forget that happened last year during September) usually put up at Palace Grounds..You’ll be spoilt for choice and bargains !

    • omg…you will make me penniless or what Ramya 😛

      I think this week India tourism is holding a fair at the Palace Grounds..saw it in the paper…Bangalore Book festival…I will be watching out for that 😉

  9. Teehee!
    Reading the first 4 lines – I was like Its Blossoms!! Visha went to Blossoms!!
    How right was I?! 😀
    I LOVE that bookstore!! Sigh! Miss it! That guy at the front desk was like a friend – he used to tell me – “How come madam, you haven’t come by in a month?!” hehe!!

    • OMG Pix…you guessed it from the first 4 lines itself?? 😯 You are one smart cookie 😉

      Even I am longing to go has that kind of effect 🙂

      • hmm now I know where this riddle of on and below clouds comes from 😛 😛

        and what re ….of course I keep coming here to check for new posts…you know I love your blog don’t you? 🙂

        now a little cheating…give me a hint for that riddle no? 😛

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