32 thoughts on “Guess where?

  1. only place that I can think of right now is the Top most point in Almora or some such place…we had been to Almora where we saw clouds above us and clouds below us..in fact a sea of clouds to be precise 🙂

    but since you’ve mentioned no tomatoes and brickbats for this riddle I’m guessing this is something funny , is it? tell na…so that I’ll think in that direction…so tell me

  2. An aeroplane would be my immediate guess 🙂 of course “you cannot fly” but the aeroplane can fly 😉
    Ok another guess – A hill station with clouds in the valley below you… clouds above you and…
    You can stand, walk ,talk and eat
    But you cannot fly
    🙂 🙂

  3. hahah!! i dint dare read the post when i saw the title “guess what”. I wanted to read it n scratch my head when i had enough time in hand.
    so my guess, are u in a hill station or something?

  4. Busy dreaming??? hehehehe!!!
    Like everyone I can say mountain but I don’t feel it is correct below main kahan clouds but I may be wrong.
    Then what???
    Hmmmmm lemme think…..
    Give up!!!
    Come up with the answer soon 🙂

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