Faith, rock and limbs

What happens when 19 members of a family meet together and make a train journey to one of the most religious places in India?

Fun, chaos, laughter, anger, leg-pulling, fights..etc..etc..etc

And what happens when at the last moment of your return journey by train, you find that half of the member’s tickets have not been confirmed?

A hurried call to another relative who books the tickets for the next day, thus leaving one more day to explore.

Sounds good. It was good too. But the sight-seeing, coupled with the fact that we had to go to a city 170km away to catch the train back made us travel in a tempo-traveller for 9 hours resulting in stiff limbs and tired bones by the time we tumbled into our respective homes.

Since we had extended the trip from 4 days to 5 days, I had to take a day’s leave at work, which put more pressure on the deadline which had to be met this Friday. So all in all a very hectic fortnight!

Usually, we do not make any vacation trips during rainy seasons. There are just enough puddles, muck and wet air all around us that puts off all plans. Based on the Coorg trip and this journey to Shirdi, I can assure you about these two places at least – they are awesome during monsoon. Because we did not have confirmed tickets of some of the members, they suggested we book Tatkal tickets for the next day and utilise the one extra day to do some sight-seeing.

On Saturday- from Shirdi, we went to Ellora caves – a 4 hour to and fro journey by road. To our bad luck, our driver was reckless. Half of my limbs were dislodged by the time our vehicle stopped at the Ellora caves 😐

Needless to mention, the caves are wonder-worthy.

So old, but so pristine. We had 3 hours to cover all of them, which proved insufficient. It is an experience to cherish nevertheless.



We returned late on Saturday night, too tired and dis-oriented. How I wish we had a good driver 😦

Tatkal tickets were booked, but from Daund – 4 hours away from Shirdi. Since the previous day had made me aware of unknown muscles and limbs, I was fervently wishing this travel should be painless. But my prayers were not answered, the results too painful.

Thankfully the train journey back home had scenic views and good weather.

Back at office on Tuesday, I had an email sitting prettily for me – detailing my work load for the rest of the week. I had expected it to get over earlier, but it was a tricky bit of programming which made me work till late Friday evening.

Earlier today, Zack asked if I had any plans for the weekend.

Yes, I said.

Blog 😀


40 thoughts on “Faith, rock and limbs

  1. oh wow.. that looks goood place to visit and the pictures show it, so you all had a fun time and yes i know how it is when so many people get together in a family outing … i miss it
    I guess its time to come ot india to meet everyone 🙂

  2. One lucky birdie is having vacations in a row 🙂
    Ya, cramped rickety rides can be like that. Use it to your advantage and get a free all-Zack massage before he asks you for one 😛
    Nice pics visha 🙂 never been there. Am sure it was a very nice trip given the weather and company 🙂 19 is a fab number !

    • Dunno Toffee…new year is ringing in travel plans from all quarters…guess what..this weekend too, we are planning something 😀

      Aah…how I wish I could ask Zack one, but poor guy, he himself was recovering from a bad ride 😆

      Its a must visit Toffee, you will love it 🙂

  3. Visha Visha Visha!!! feeling so good to read from you 🙂 I seriously wish, your workload reduces and I get to read more from you 🙂

    I have only read of Ellora caves until now.. thanks to you, I am seeing the pics! I love these kind of places too. Old but pristine – so true! 🙂

  4. Oh I’ve been to Ellora caves like a 100 times in my school life 🙂 what with we living in Aurangabad for almost 10 years? hehehe all relatives coming in were taken to the typical tour of Ellora, Ajanta and Shirdi-Shingnapur 🙂

    Out of these venues I loved Ellora caves the most 🙂 Your pics reminded me of those
    journeys made

    So this is what you were busy in all this while,eh? It’s been a long time that I’ve made such a long journey with so many people in the group…group train travels are always fun…

    So welcome back and thank god for this post today…I had started feeling what has happened to you …..

    • Wow Scribby….even if you go so many times, the sculptures and caves wont disappoint you, isnt it 🙂

      We missed Ajanta due to lack of time…is it the same like Ellora..the caves I mean?

      Glad I made you nostalgic 🙂

      Train journey with lots of people includes lots of cooking and planning games…we have made notes what to do and what not to do the next time such a trip comes up 😀

      Haha..thanks Scribby dear…workload is high at office…so able to blog only during holidays 😦

      • Ajanta is a beautiful in it’s own has some 14 caves to see and each cave has something in stored….there is a sculpture of Buddha which appears smiling when a ray of light is thrown at the face from one angle and appears to be sad when the light is thrown from another angle…

        but somehow I always loved Ellora back then 🙂 Also on way to Ellora is Daulatabad Fort which is a lovely trek and the fort is wow…when you reach the top notch you can catch clouds [moisture] in your hands..yes have done that and it feels mesmerizing 🙂

  5. Oh thats sounds tiresome. But it must be fun with all the relatives around.
    with zack with you blogging is all you did over the week end. I cann’t believe;-)

  6. That was indeed quite an eventful trip…but the pictures y it clear that all that pain was definitely worth it.
    Hope are relaxed after the weekend…have a wonderful week ahead 😀

  7. Wow, the trip sounds tiring but awesome!! And what ‘wow’ pics you have put up! 🙂

    Both Shirdi and Ajanta-Ellora caves have been on our list of to-visit places for ages now. We should get around to doing that soon. Your pics inspire me. 🙂 Lemme pester the OH now! 🙂

    • Thanks TGND!!

      Extreme fun and extreme tiredness ka chatpata mix it was 😀

      Start the pestering now 🙂 You have direct trains from Bangalore to Shirdi…and once you reach there..Ellora is a 2 hour drive away.

  8. Wow, 2 vacations!!! you are on a roll, Visha 🙂
    And the Ellora caves really look prestine, you have taken great pictures 🙂
    So finally you finished your work on the project?!? Enjoy, Maadi 🙂
    And i loved the last line 😉

    • thanks ZM…more to come 😉

      Nahi yaar…seems it was just Phase-1, working in the second phase this week…wish this one gets over soon 🙂

  9. 4 hrs of travelling to catch a train? Aiyyo! Can understand ur plight! But am sure the whole experience must have made it worth it 🙂
    Hope u r fully recovered now 🙂

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