Place : Neighborhood aunty’s living room
Time : 6 PM

“Tea or coffee?”

“Nothing please, thank you”

“Please, you should have something at least”

“Erm..actually I drink neither tea or coffee”

“What? Not even a bit?”

“Yeah, absolutely not”

“Ok, some milk then”

“All right”

“Plain would do no?”

“I cannot drink plain milk”

“But we don’t have Boost or Horlicks”

“That is why I told you, I am fine, I don’t want anything”

“No no, you should have something at least, let me see, I will make you badam milk”

After 10  min

“Here, have this”

“Wow, you are so sweet Aunty, thank you”

“Its nothing re, so whats is your work going on? Everyone good at home”

“Aunty, shall I go into the kitchen?”

“Ohh, did I forget to put sugar?”

“No no, sugar is there”


“I don’t like milk cream, even if a bit goes inside I throw up everything out”

Zack calls me Sheldy sometimes, as Sheldon and I share so many ‘specifications’

Sigh, such is life.


51 thoughts on “Sheldy

  1. hahaha!! count me also..:D
    I hate milk cream in my mug of milk.. not even a bit ..its like yuck..!! i feel like i’m gonna puke if its in there haina..? 😛
    even though i have to have it with my paranthas..;)
    ironical!! But thats how it is..
    n sheldon!! yes we r weird that ways..

  2. LOL @ Sheldy and ‘so many specifications’

    I can’t stand milk cream too – I gag whenever I get a piece of it in my milk. I used to drink tea or coffee, but have now started drinking plain milk in the mornings to avoid sugar.

  3. LOL, Sheldy, err..i mean Visha 😉
    But you are so much like my hubby in this case, he has highly detailed specifications for his milk, which includes ingredients and temperature!!!!

  4. this happens with me allll the time..I dont hv tea or coffee..and no milk ever!!!!! so think wht I go thru. Hheheheh cute u r!!
    I always read all ur posts…but stupid wordpress doesnt allow me to login easily coz m a blogspot holder 😦

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