Silent purse

Off late, I have been facing a big time financial crunch. There seems to be no solution to it, no matter whom I turn to. I do not remember how I got into this situation, since I always have had the habit of saving. Day after day, I dread this thought of what will happen to me, when I am reduced to having nothing.

And the day has finally arrived.




I take the bus on my way back to home. The cost of the ticket is 11 Rs.

As of today, I have completely run out of 1 Re coins.

Hope the conductor is kind on this rupee-less commuter.


41 thoughts on “Silent purse

  1. arey this always happens to me.. no change, no ticket, get down at next stop. i remember once traveling in green bus, instead of white bora bus for not having that one rupee extra in purse. 😦

    • The rudeness of the conductors is shocking. At one instance, the conductor had to give me 75 back. By the time he finished fishing out the change, I was one stop ahead from my original 😦

  2. happens to me all the time 😦 Once I used to keep so much change that my purse would be so heavy to carry. Now, I dont have coins at all… 😦 Miss the sound of them.

    Conductors want change! how did you manage? But then, If I think through – here conductors eat up your change, isn’t it? only 5Rs coins are considered as change.. 1 or 2 rupee coins are not considered as change in those volvo buses. Once I gave a conductor 15rs for a 13rs ticket. He refused to give me 2rs 😦 He would only acknowledge those ppl whom he should give 5rupee coins it seems. I had to give him 3 rupees to get my 2 rupees back. Sigh!

    • Those were the days GB..when I used to distribute coins to all..due to the heavy purse..alas..

      I got down one stop earlier, did not take any chance. I have been cheated twice like that. My stop had come and he was no-where to be seen 😦

  3. Once I was running short of one rupee. So instead of 5 rupees I gave the conductor 4 rupees. He looked at me menacingly and said “5 rupees madam”. I handed him a 100 rupee note since I had no change. I conductor was half amused and half angry at me and said “Nale kodi (give it tomorrow)”. πŸ™‚

  4. the work is this bad eh? You’ve not written a single post since I was gone too 😦 Work at my end has become bad too…sob sob…just yesterday got some respite and started reading the backlog…still not done reading lot of blogs 😦

    any hoo, just stopped to ask how are you? Come back writing soon!

    • Work combined with lots of other stuff. My backlog is looking horrifying πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯

      After about 2 weeks, last night I was able to read a handful of blogs.

      Missing out on a lot of stuff, wish I get back soon here 😦

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