The other wife

Midnight phone calls.

Impromptu outings.

Sneaking out without telling anyone.

Absence for long periods in weekends.

Long drives.


This and a lot more encompasses the relationship between Zack and his first wife M. Who first wife? His best friend since 200 AD.

If I address a guy as his wife, then you can imagine the depth of their relationship. It befuddles me sometimes, when a call starting at 10PM continues till 12AM and stops only if I glare a tad too much. Zack’s aunt has caught up with me. Both of us address M as the first wife, much to everyone’s amusement. As of now, talks are on with a prospective bride for M.

Wont you miss M when his marriage occurs, I ask Zack.

Oh no, in fact we can exchange notes now, he replies gleefully.


I officially have a reason to run away from him.

35 thoughts on “The other wife

  1. I can imagine how annoying such friendships can sometimes get… I hope the girl m marries gels well with you then you can find a way out of this problem 😀

  2. I can totally relate to this.. S has not one but many such friends.. who wouldnt mind calling his phone after 10.30 in the night and talking for like hours together. Its irritating sometimes!! I can also relate to you staring at Zack.. he he .. I do the same 😛 Thankfully such calls are not frequent these days. 🙂 Wait until M gets married!

  3. whoa…this only makes me thank god that Husby’s bachpan ke dost don’t live in the same city 😛

    any way, fret not, M is getting married soon, I’m telling you and then both you wives can be a team too 🙂

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