Transform sour into sweet

If you get on the nerves of your partner due to plain crankiness or the position of the sun with respect to you or some carelessness on your part, fret not. I just found out a solution. Do some shopping.


Retail therapy works.

On him as well as her.

Works wonders actually 😀

Guess how many?

A child goes to a shop to buy chocolates. He hands over 10 rupees to the shopkeeper and gets 10 chocolates. Seeing the happy face of the child, the shopkeeper thinks something interesting. He tells the child that he will give a rupee for every two chocolate wrappers that the child collects and gives back.

Guess how many chocolates did the child get to eat?

Silence speaketh

If there is one thing which we share much to the amusement of the family is the silence between us.

I could unabashedly term the family as boisterously loud. The sounds and voices can be heard 3 houses down the road. So it came as a surprise to the family that their new daughter-in-law chose to remain quiet most of the times, unless asked. Even after few months when I rarely joined their upbeat gossips of shopping or family functions, they got curious.  Why does she not join us at all, instead of being a smiling statue, would undoubtedly run in their minds

The funny part here is it’s not that I don’t join them out of any kind of aversion. Or tussles. Ok, I will be a bit frank. There is an inherent quality in the family where everyone has to know everything. Me – I usually mind by own business. Coming to the point – I am equally silent with Zack too. Before you think of me as a weirdo, it’s the same with him. Go ahead, you can call us the weird couple 😀

The family has already labelled us that.

Communication is the key to any kind of relationship. More so, for a marriage. Since we hardly spend 4 waking hours with each other, it gets all the more important to talk,share, discuss. Due to our erratic work schedules, the most we are connected to is via the email ecosystem. Most of the stuff which I want to let him know or vice versa, I jot them down and email him, its become a routine for both of us. From money transfer, ticket booking, bill payment to how new neighbour’s dog is making life difficult for me, how the groom seeking process for the third cousin has started – everything is conveyed using technological bytes and bits. So in the end we are in the know as to what is happening with whom in the family. Since he expresses well in writing rather than in words, there is nothing to complain :mrgreen:

But strangely, when we do get time with each other, it hardly consists of words. There is a comfortable silence in the air. More like the silence speaks for us. On a typical weekend afternoon, he will be browsing the internet or taking a nap. I maybe reading a book or watching the television. Or trying to save his hairs being plucked out violently by the niece. During the evening walks, 80% of the time spent in walking will be in silence.Both of us don’t know how we landed into such a cycle. But then I bet its the long hours we used to spend on phone before marriage that we are tired to speak now 😛

Now this peculiar nature has warranted enough insecurities in the family. They think we are not happy with each other. 🙄 When they see the other DILs of the house yapping with their partners the moment the latter step into the house, I stand out as an odd person who just raises her head a gives a big smile. With a twinkle in the eyes of course 😀 😀 😀