Love actually

A small home.
Bare furnishings.
Its cold outside.

A phone call.
“Where are you”
“Just round the corner”
“Dinner is ready, come soon”
“Coming dear, anything needed from the market?”
“Bring some curd”
“Ok. See you in a bit”

Door opened. A smile. A hug.

“Freshen up, I have kept hot water in the bathroom.”
“Thanks lovely”

“Something smells good wifey”
“Your favourite dish hubby”

Set the plates and dishes from the kitchen in the living room.
Spread newspapers so that food bits are not littered on the floor.

A normal dinner.
A special night.

“Happy Anniversary dear”
“You too”

ETA : Β Its not our anniversary today. This is a piece of fictional non-fiction ( I know there is nothing like that πŸ˜› )


40 thoughts on “Love actually

  1. before reading “ETA” like others even i thought its your anniversary…anyways, whatever may be, lovely words by you there…filled with all warmth of companionship…. πŸ™‚

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