Couple of announcements

It humbles me every single time when I get praised for a perfectly turned out evening dinner, when the office presentation impresses the client or when I get the world’s most beautiful hugs from my nieces. And I was humbled when Sri asked me to do a guest post. A prolific writer churning out superb posts in the crime and horror genre that you want to read more and more of his works, asking moi for a post? Whats more, he is going to get published soon. So when he asked me to share my thoughts in his blog, I was on cloud nine. Toffee sent me on the clouds few months ago and now Sri. I feel so happy undoubtedly. Hope you guys enjoy my piece – Just mind it at Sri’s : The guy who has malignant humour in his head.


The whole of December last year, every single day I had hand written letters given to Zack when he came home from work. They were mushy to the core, pretty lengthy too. After receiving 10 such letters, one fine night he casually mentioned that I sound like a priest, always wishing him a happy and a blessed life 😥

Naturally, my reaction was that of a kid who got a toy snatched. Armed with the sole motive of torturing him, I set out to write even lengthier letters, which I am sure he just whizzed through with tired eyes night after night. So that he could get a peaceful sleep and not a nagging radio channel.

Last December I did not have a blog, but this year I do. Since I do not intend to do an encore and make his eyes cry out of pain at 11 in the night, I am planning to write the letters here. Since he does not read my blog, he can’t complain about anything :mrgreen:

12 days left for the New Year to dawn.
Each day I will write about every month of this year, hoping to relive, enjoy, learn, love and laugh again.

January rewind has begun. January letter to follow shortly.

24 thoughts on “Couple of announcements

  1. Wow! Visha, I for sure am looking forward to reading your letters to Zack for the next 12 days 🙂 The first one comes today, isn’t it? 🙂
    Hopping over to read your guest post now 🙂

    • pah

      no word of appreciation for me to churn out hand written posts and not typed emails 😡 😥

      this guys have the option to block this blog for the next 12 days 😆

  2. Thank you so much, touched. It was a pleasure having you post on my blog. But I’m not sure if I deserve all that praise, though. Like I discussed with you, you should try your hand at fiction/non-fiction writing, and I know you will.

    Meanwhile, just sharpen the axe writing these letters you were talking about. 😛 haha. I’m sure you’ll get to print, and make it big some day. And that day, maybe Zack will stay up all night and read your book. 🙂

    • You surely deserve the praise, and more Mr.Spook 😛

      Sharpen the axe is be used by whom 😛 😛

      Like I said before, give a book to Zack, he will promptly use it to sleep..books and him just dont gel…thats why I write whatever I want, cause I am sure he will never read 😀 😆

  3. Good idea.. I have read the January one and enjoyed it for all the happiness that’s going to come 🙂

    You know I have already read it on Mr. Spook’s blog and you did an amazing job 🙂

    • Arre na..thats a recap of the January this year..the start of 2012 🙂

      Whats gonna come up in Jan 2013, who knows 😉

      Yeah, and am glad you liked it Jas 🙂

  4. Yeah on the guest post! and looking forward to the monthly blog update!! Ver good idea to summarize the year that was… 2012.. Not so memorable to be or else I too wud hv joined in.. Hoping for some fresh good year ahead!!

  5. He criticised you and you reacted by upping the torture?? ROFL!!!!! I like this…had I been in your place I wud have thrown a tantrum 😉

  6. *Going over to read your guest post now*

    What a beautiful idea – writing proper letters to your husband every single day for the last month of the year? How incredibly romantic you are! 🙂 I would never have thought of something like that. 😐

    Looking forward to read your letters here, on your blog. And, it is a great way to recap the year gone by, too.

    • Aah…the husband was wary of me handing over the letters day after day 🙄 I have mentioned this already – romance and him are poles apart 😐

      Yeah, recap are rewind is the sole motive 🙂

  7. Read your fantastic guest post and I must say I love you for being soooo much like me in many-many ways,
    Hopping over to read those brilliant posts on the year gone by 🙂
    Don’t worry about Zack not reading them very carefully, atleast you now have a ready record of nag-able goodies 😉 to last you for a lifetime :mrgreen:

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