Falafel February

Dear Hubby,

February did not have a fantastic start. Though it ended on a good note. I never imagined our family would one day behave like the soap opera in television. Tears, fights, accusations – the funny thing is things got back on track in less than 24 hours. Blood is thicker than water – whoever said that was absolutely true. But it broke me to see you so sad on our anniversary day because of the previous day infighting between the family members. Sometimes, even if we are a mute spectator in such times, it hurts us likewise. Thankfully, things got sorted out during the anniversary treat cum dinner to the family. Trust me, nothing makes everyone forget everything like a chicken biryani. It is to be seen to be believed. All of you merrily gorged on the delicacies while I was left re-reading the menu as to what to order for myself.

This was the month were we able to go to office and come back home together the most number of times. Your manager needs to be thanked for this. God knows what happened to him in the later months.

We did not do anything out of ordinary on Valentine’s day. Rather on that particular day you got stuck up with some issue at work and came home late.

Planning for your birthday was fun. I know you did not want anything as well as you wanted no celebrations. But I wanted to do something, since I did not do anything last year. Just married and a bit nervous in the new city you see. You might have thought I took lots of efforts since many days, but hardly so. I ordered your gift in Flipkart. Shopped for your new set of clothes on your birthday, taking some time off at work at the nearby mall and while I was on my way back home I picked your cake. See, on your birthday also you had to come late from work. Don’t know why you were so shy cutting your cake. There was no need to pull the niece besides you and hold the knife with her. Remember, even she told only birthday boy should cut his own cake 😛

February ended on a nice note. I am happy that you liked your gift and treasure it. It was amusing to see you getting hyper on misplacing it one day. Tells me you value it. But there was no need of bursting my balloon by telling that you just intended to hide it from the niece because you wanted to play with her and there was no attachment with the gift.

February is the month I started blogging after stalking other blogs for over a year. The sheer intensity and creativity of bloggers awed me. I opened WordPress one day, created a blog and published a post. When I read it again at the end of the day, it sounded downright stupid. So I promptly deleted it. But I wanted to own a blog – where I wrote of my free will. It would be a welcome break from my unending routine of work-home-work. But I could not zero in on the topic. What better than to write about us. That is how this blog was started.

I love you February, you were both – sweet as well as spicy.


19 thoughts on “Falafel February

  1. Ah the chicken briyani can make us forget anything na. You are so sweet visha to give hand written letter to zack. He is one lucky man to have you and I mean it. Hugs to both. Waiting for march now.

    • arrey yes, the wonders of a biryani in my family 😐

      Love you tharani for saying that…and here, he is always wary about the length of the write-ups 😥

      March is published 🙂

    • Wow, you too have a Feb birthday 🙂

      Haha, no..nothing like that..I gifted him an mp3 player. I did not hide it at all…after 3 or 4 days of gifting it, he *thought* he misplaced and lost it 😆

  2. Dear Zack, Since i knew your wife’s blog only a few days back, it is not possible for me to know you. Your wife has an awesome blog, and one ends up inevitably smiling after each post. Not just that, apparently, she has such a fan following that she is invited to write guest post for other famous blogs. The flavour of her love for you emanates so much from her blog posts, that i think that it is stronger than the flavour in the biriyani that you love.

    Zack, let me tell you something. Lend me your ear. I think you need to hack into your wife’s Flipkart account ( or your’s), Download some of her favorite songs from Flyte and give it to her in return for being so loving to you and writing so many mushy posts that make us all happy. And in case you didn’t know Zack , FK is giving away Rs.200 worth digital downloads for free. You obviously don’t have to tell that to her, right? Well, lets hope that she is not aware of this.

    Wish you Zack, your wife and your family, a happy christmas and a happy new year and a toast to many more awesome posts to come from this blog.

    • Thank you, thank you for such a sweet, warm and kind comment. This has made my day 🙂

      flavour stronger than that of a biryani..haha…must, must tell him this 😉

      Sigh!!! I really wish the two of you talk to each other now. The general notion of romance and him don’t go hand in hand 😆

      Thanks a bunch Sugeeth…for the lovely wishes….wish you the best of the times ahead 🙂

  3. My hubby is also like yours… not very enthusiastic about celebrating his own birthday… but he has improved over the years 🙂 You are sweet to have planned his special day celebrations 🙂

    • Glad that your hubby is now enthusiastic after some years…this time Zack has clear cut instructions for me – no celebrations, but who is gonna listen :mrgreen:

  4. What’s with husbands not wanting to celebrate their own birthdays, and being too embarrassed to cut their birthday cakes? 😐 Hmpfh! 😦 Same story with the OH.

    This is a very sweet letter. Interesting story about how you started this blog, and published (and deleted) your first post. Well, you seem to have progressed tremendously from that point onwards… your posts do make a lot of sense now, and invariably bring a smile on our faces. 🙂

    Loved your direct dil se approach to writing these letters to your hubby.

    Food is such a great unifier, no? It brings people together like very few other things can.. I have something on these lines going on in my head.. want to do a post about it soon. 🙂

    • Dunno TGND….guys are generally like that..though some love to celebrate their birthdays 😀

      haha..glad that you like the posts 🙂

      Food and music. Any time, any place – these two topics bond people fast…would love to read your post 🙂

  5. Oh Visha love this series, and Feb was indeed a sweet and spicy month. I wonder what’s wrong with these boys, why are they shy when it comes to their birthdays, I have one at home who is exactly like Zack.

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  7. This letter is packed with so many things Visha 🙂 It had been laughing about Zack’s manager 😀 I am afraid of fights or arguments. Between me and S is okay.. but when there are arguments within the family, I go all tensed up. Glad things turned out normal for you guys in a day.

    LOL on Chicken Biryani 😀 😀 I am still laughing 😀

    Feb is indeed a good month for all of us.. as we got to read Visha 🙂

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