Mango March

Our first outing with the whole of the extended family. The way we boarded the train was epic,no? Five of us in five different compartments just because the train started while we were running up and down the platform looking for our last-minute confirmed reservations. The way all of us ran the whole length of 3 berths when the train stopped for a minute in the next station and fall laughing on one other after finally reaching our reserved compartment was highly amusing to our fellow passengers. Your aunt is 58, but she runs quite, quite well 😀

Our dinner was an interesting affair. I always like train journeys for the way we have our food. Tamarind rice came out quite well. Lesson learnt – never thrust the shiny disposable paper plates to under-3 year olds. It took us 15 minutes to make the berths habitable for the rest of our journey.

Kerela was pretty. How I envied the ladies with long, thick and lustrous black hair at Guruvayoor, sigh! Our darshan was good, though I wish there was less of pushing in the queues. I was livid, totally livid when you dumped me with the kids and went to a second darshan with your cousins. Thats why I was aloof for a good 2 hours. Boo. But you and I both cannot be like that for a long duration – the bane of our wedding. I would want to be more ‘khafa-khafa’ with you, so that you create a currently non-existent set of ‘rijha’ techniques.

Just after we came from the trip we attended your friend’s wedding. 350 km road trip with another of your friend. I am glad I had company in the form of your friend’s newly wedded wife. She accounted so many hilarious incidents which happened after her wedding. Observing the couple, I can say we are quite restrained and conserved in front of others. The way she playfully pulled pranks on her husband and gossiped about her in-laws in front of us was a far, far cry from how I behaved when I was newly married. Guess that depends on the nature of the person. I don’t think you have any qualms with me though.

As the month progressed, heat was not unduly bearable. The unexpected showers were more than welcome. There were lot of financial decisions to be taken, I like your approach – take everyone’s opinion, weigh the pros and cons and finally do what the mind says.

I had expected to taste an early mango this season, but sadly there was no chance for me. The ones which I got to taste late March were not at all good.

All in all, March was good. Happening as well as non-happening. Like a mango.

23 thoughts on “Mango March

  1. LOL. The train journey certainly sounds adventurous!
    I was way too shy and conservative when I was newly wedded, too. Both of us, in fact. We wouldn’t even converse freely when we were with someone else. 🙂

    • Oh yeah, who would have thought it would turn out like that 🙂

      I used to be egged on to speak a bit more loudly, apparently people thought I whispered and not talked…much to my embarrassment 😳

  2. hehehehehe loving this series Visha. I am reading on my email and hence haven’t commented but totally loved the concept of the entire series 🙂 Love the way you have written these. The little memories mean so much in the long run and reading them later on is such joy!
    Looking forward to all the rest 🙂

  3. The train journey was hillarious.. U like th elong thick hair yes but wat abt the oil that is always sticking on to it.. Like 24/7 sorry no offesnse meant to anybody… I was not shy in my early days of marriage but was not very open in conversation too.. Loving this serious and tempted to do it myself too.. lets see how it goes.. 🙂

    • Even though the oil is present, it is a beauty to see the long, thick hair adorned with fresh jasmine, isn’t it 🙂

      Go ahead D, you will enjoy it for sure 😉

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  5. LOL on Zack 58 year old aunty running quite well 😀 😀

    I guess I and S are also of the same conservative couple, infront of others. We dont converse much and let our eyes do the talking 😀

    • She ran so well much to the astonishment of all 😀

      As newly weds, I used to be egged and teased to talk loudly with Zack, by his cousins 😀

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