Melodramatic May

Dear Hubby,

We completed one year in our newly built home. Can you believe there are still so many things to be done. Interior decoration will happen God-knows-when. But over the period of time, I have learnt that who ever comes to our home forgets about the comfort and gets drawn to the warmth showered and shown by the members. Did you know, the day your mother’s friends came down from Mysore, six people slept in one room. And it is amazing to see people who are used to live in spacious 3 bedroom houses sleep peacefully together – your parents act as a tight fevicol and glue set – keeping all the guests and relatives happy in whatever facilities we have. Lots to be learnt from them.

I loved this month for the sudden and unexpected showers. The night when we were coming back together and this heavy downpour made us take shelter besides a Domino’s outlet. Who thought a rain would want us to crave us for pizza too 🙂 I got completely drenched when the first of the rains caught me unawares. May and umbrellas do not go hand in hand generally, you see 😀

This month had everything good except for one thing – my office was shifted closer home. That equated to no more trips with you – to and from office, no more impromptu chaat and pani-puri sessions, no more enjoying the rains during a bike ride, no more waiting for you in the bus stand, no more exchanging what-happened-today during the traffic bottlenecks, no more finding shortcuts to home, no more long bus rides for me on days when you got stuck in work, no more reading books during the bus rides. Aah..there are so many, many things that stopped and ceased completely.

New office beckoned at the start of the next month. Along with leaving the old office, I left so many, many cherish worthy would-be could-be times with you.

Totally melodramatic for me!


28 thoughts on “Melodramatic May

  1. I can totally understand how you must have felt when office shifted. I get a chance to travel with K for 2 months a year (one month at a time) for half the distance and I mope around when I have to move out of that schedule 🙂

    Loved reading about your family! 🙂

    • Initially I felt too bad..when I missed so many things…then we worked out…he drops me at my office while I come back on my, lose-some 😉

      ahh..try to make the 2 to 4 😀

  2. Oh, building a beautiful ‘home’ is very very important, more important than building a beautiful ‘house’. The warmth and love of a family can make you feel more at home than beautiful furniture and interior decoration!

    This year, I started working from home since April. I miss all of those would-bes, could-bes of travelling home together with the hubby after work. That said, I like this arrangement too. 🙂

  3. paani puri and chaats.. oh I miss Bangalore… sorry Visha rest all words of your sweet melodramatic post faded away after reading paani puri 🙂 oh paani puri..

  4. Hey true a house becomes home due to the inmates and the love they shower.. good good.. Yeah I completely understand ur state where in u dont get to spend more time with hubby and the little chat trips, talks during the bottlenecks n reading books in the buses thing as I too hv undergone the same, but I feel it has its own pros too..

  5. I am just imagining the Blore rain, I love so much especially the month of May, those rains brings so much romance in the air. 🙂 Yeah traveling together with your partner is so much fun, one thing I miss the most these days.

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  7. Its not what a house holds that makes it a home.. its about the people and I am glad you have your home 🙂

    I clearly remember those times when you were getting your office shifted close by and how you missed Zack during the commutes 🙂

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