Jinga-la-la June

Dear Hubby,

The start of June was completely rocking. Doing absolutely nothing at parents place is sheer bliss. It was a bit strange to be online during my vacation and then write mails to you. Ma used to ask why can’t I simply call instead. She does not know that we are the email couple 😆

I was under the impression that I would be missing you sorely on my personal vacation. But sadly, no 😛 I enjoyed the huge chunk of ‘me’ time. I ate so, so, so much. When I came back, I felt a bit strange entering our home. In a week, I was used to the familiar quietness over there, so when I was greeted with a cacophony of sounds here, I felt as if I came at the wrong place.  Even you looked a bit different 🙄

The second week of June had me start my work from a new office space. New bus routes, new bus numbers. I had more time in my hand, but simultaneously you landed up a project which would take up your maximum time in the coming months. I have cribbed about the lack of time enough, so won’t talk about that again.

The last two weeks saw us adding some more responsibilities to our schedule, since the elders had gone to their pilgrimage trip. I enjoyed the multitasking, though I wish I could dump some of the chores on you too. I succeeded a bit too, remember, how you sulked for a full ten minutes when I asked you to remove the cobwebs in the lofts :mrgreen:

Coming back to an empty house after work, preparing the dinner listening to music and then eating it with you  – some days you liked the taste, some days you hated it 😆

This month I was in a full jinga-la-la mood 😀


33 thoughts on “Jinga-la-la June

    • I hardly miss out any comment..rarely if it happens, it can be found in the spam section..dunno why yours are not visible 😦

      anyways, I like this idea of yours..part by part 😉

      Oh yeah, he looked different…it was as if I am seeing someone else 😀

    • Totally…the second vacation I had without him in December, I hardly missed him :mrgreen: I enjoyed the ‘me’ time fully 😀

      Why sorry, this is not known as spamming 🙂

  1. Sweet letter again. 🙂

    I had exactly the same feelings as you when I went alone for a vacation to my parents’ house in September, after ages. It felt different coming back home, even the OH looked different. 😀 I did value the huge chunk of me-time I got over there, though I missed the OH too.

  2. hai na Visha, how muchever love we get from our in laws, the vacation we get at our parents place is really a bliss. We can be completely ourselves na 🙂

  3. Parents house is first of all a Bliss and haveing me time is yeay!! Good good, really u are a crazy e-mail couple dear.. Mine doesnt even reply or heardly 1 sentence or a single word – “OK” jingala laa mood hamm somehting cooking haan :p

    • Arre Zack too sometimes replies with Ok or K. Once in a blue moon he will write 3 or 4 lines 😀

      Jingalala mood only because the month was very happy and buoyant, nothing apart from that 😛

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  5. Loved reading all the re-cap of every month last year..Wish you a Happy 2013..And somehow, my comments in the previous posts are not reflecting ..And lets take it this way..all good stuff that happens on the 1st will replicate all through the year..and for the not-so-pleasant stuff , they will be the last one to occur on 1st and not re-appear later in the year..What do you say? 🙂

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