Jane July

Dear Hubby,

I would easily forget July had it not been for the last couple of days. This month was so, so, so boring. Mainly due to your work. Having your nose buried inside the laptop even during the weekends made me get inclined to the television more. But the kind of shows on the idiot box left me even more bored. Many a times I had a thought to write to your manager, asking him to go through some articles mentioning about work life balance. When you said that your manager is even worse than you, I shooed away those thoughts.

I wish I had got more social with our neighbours. I hardly know anybody apart from two or three people. Then again, I cannot find anyone in my age group. The one thing which irritates the hell out of me is after asking you for checking something online an hour ago, you giving the laptop to me when it has just 3 or 5 percent charge. And at the precise point when Google baba will show me something, the power will go phut. I cannot even use the laptop to listen to some songs because of its near death. 😡

What I would cherish and treasure is our trip to Coorg towards the end of the month. I did not have any idea that you had planned for this vacation, since it is so non-typical of you to plan for something. You are the one of the most impulsive vacationers I have ever seen. So it was a huge surprise for me when you asked me to pack my bags all of a sudden one fine night. And what a beauty Coorg was – in the monsoon. Bliss, sheer bliss. Thank you so much for the wonderful much-needed vacation.


26 thoughts on “Jane July

  1. Blessed are we to have ( i presume your from bangalore) to have so much power to run a laptop. What good is life if one has the power to purchase a laptop, but no power to run it? :

    One needs a UPS to create backup power, but the sad irony in TN is that there is no power to even charge the UPS. Reminds me of a classic Kounder punch : “Oor kaaranga veetla kozhi kaanama pona, panchayathu le murai ida laam, aana panchayathu kaaranga veetliye kozhi kaanamo pona, yaar kitta ya murai idradhu?”

    Coorg in the monsoons .. Aahh.. the rains and the romance.. 🙂

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  3. LOL on the boss of Zack 😀 You could have indeed sent him a few articles.. that would have helped him as well 🙂 🙂

    It was very sweet of Zack to plan that Coorg trip and though we were always catching up with each other online.. I hardly knew abt this trip of yours as it was a big surprise for you as well 🙂

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