Dear Hubby,

Two days after the month started your uncle passed away. I admired your strength and tenacity at that time. One day you attend the funerals and the next day you are back at work. I could not concentrate even one bit in my office while you slogged the day off like anything. It was later I deduced that you are working furiously to keep your mind away from the death, which was so sudden.

The insane amount of travelling made me fall sick. I loved the way you stood up for me when I was asked to travel again before the 13th day ceremony. Thank you. Certain formalities need not be implemented at all, there being no point or logic behind it. I wish people stop following useless rituals and instead use that money constructively for the family of the deceased.

Ganesha festival celebrations were not marred due to the death. Hunting for a clay idol made us go round and round the market area, but thankfully we got the cutest and sweetest ever clay Ganesha. I loved the last-minute purchase of umbrella which you did, I never knew you could keep that too. All the delicacies and savouries came out perfect. You know, it’s always strange – that the dishes we cook without tasting comes out so well, especially during the festivals, where before doing the puja one should not taste anything.

We rounded off the month by doing the Girivalam. You were so sure that I won’t be able to complete it 😛 To be frank, I amazed myself. There was so much to see, observe and learn from people coming from different walks of life. It was an experience for life, glad that we could share with each other.


7 thoughts on “Sept(ember)

  1. Niiice!

    I have a lot to say about after-death rituals, too. Must do a post about it soon.

    We want to do the Girivalam sometime too. My BILs have done it a couple of times. I want to have that experience.

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  3. I totally agree with you on the rituals being followed.

    Even I wonder how sweets made for pooja turn out to be so good, even though we dont taste them… Amma always says.. something that is meant for God tastes awesome. I have gone to believe it until now and I was never disappointed 🙂

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