Novel November

Dear Hubby,

The first week of November saw us doing the Diwali purchases. I admire your patience in taking me to various places to do my sari shopping. But your absolute disinterest ‘while’ I shop is somewhat strange. But seriously, you have to agree, I am way, way better than the women in your family who spend almost half the day in one shop itself. I guess your disinterest stems from waiting endlessly during one such shopping trip during your bachelor days 😆

Last year, we celebrated Diwali at my parent’s place. This being my first here, I wanted to do it prim and proper. I hereby promise that I will never ever say these words in future. My back was totally broken by the end of the day. I loved how you served me my lunch at 4. I loved you even more when you saved some crackers for me which I delightfully lighted at 10. But honestly, I am planning to run off to some place in the coming years.

This was the first time I did something on impulse – booking tickets for my own annual vacation. Before I could change my mind, in less than 3 minutes, I was staring at my confirmation sms. I so wanted to go home in the last week of December, but since it was clashing with your sisters visit, I preponed the trip by a couple of weeks.

November was a breeze, I could not comprehend that it got over so soon. Just when I had finished the sweets made during Diwali, came another occasion to make a new batch of new goodies 🙂


13 thoughts on “Novel November

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  2. November was fun 🙂 LOL on Zack taking to various shops, but showing disinterest while you shop.. thats the strangest thing I have heard 😀

    And for Diwali.. I am with you too… Shall we both run off to a far off place 😀

    • It gets even stranger when someone else sees in point…the confused stares of the salespersons in the shops 😆

      Oh definitely, we will book the tickets in advance and run away one day prior to Diwali 😀

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