Riddle time

Guess what these numbers mean.



26, 13, 23





89 thoughts on “Riddle time

  1. A very wild weird guess : Is it the number of posts that you have written per month ..or rather the number of comments that you have received for each month..Wouldnt be the latter one, cos, you get more comments than the numbers mentioned..:)

  2. I haven’t solved the riddle. But I made an important inference. Putting all these head breaking riddles definitely gets you more comments and your blog more hits. 😀

    Should try to follow the same. 😉

  3. The story of my life, Keep Calm & Freak Out!!
    Thank you for the Twitter message, saw it pretty late though 😦
    This was too tough a riddle, but am back in action and waiting for more riddles 😀

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