When the husband is away

So the husband is off to Chennai attending his best friend’s wedding ( yes, Zack is getting divorced from his first wife. Time to cut the cake. Yahooooo)

“Why did you not accompany”, asks my colleague at work.
“Didn’t want to. His whole college gang is attending. Let the boys enjoy.”
“But you did not go with him during his last outstation visit too. How can you stay alone without him?”


In retrospect, I am enjoying my days without him. Yes.:mrgreen:

I can watch whatever I want on the TV.

I can use the whole of the bed and not the itsy-teeny part I get due to his 45 degrees sleep pattern.

I can cook all my favourite dishes which he absolutely hates (partner-in-eating = MIL).

I get drop to my office gate doorstep from the FIL, quite unlike Zack who dumps me on the main road when the traffic is hellish.

I can read my books uninterrupted by his annoying questions: how is the story, what is the story, how can you read this now, aren’t you tired, time to sleep, etc..etc..

Life’s good 😉

44 thoughts on “When the husband is away

  1. You lucky girl..

    I never get this chance.. so I take sick leave from work to get some “Me time” at home & just imagine when he says “oh, I will also take leave”, I have to push him to go to his office!!

    Enjoy the time Visha before Zack returns & reads this 🙂

  2. Konjam too much.. poor Zack 🙄

    But on the other side.. it does feels good to do whatever you want, without being questioned or disturbed 🙂 Same pinch on the bed story 😀 But in our case.. we both are that 45deg sleepers and would love to have a bed to each of ourselves 😆

  3. LOL. Enjoy your me-time while it lasts. 🙂

    Same pinch on the not-getting-enough-space-in-the-bed part. Sigh!

    As much as I enjoy the company of the OH, I love my me-time too. I am equally relaxed when he is on tour too, much to the surprise of my friends and relatives. 😉 Except if there is an emergency – I really miss having him around then. 😛 I start missing him when we have spent about 3 days apart. 😀

    • Exactly, the family is surprised as to how I can enjoy and spend time without him. On weekends, their wonder is manifold when they see me more engaged than usual 😀

  4. Haha Enjoy Visha 🙂 It feels good to have some “me time” once in a while 🙂
    No such luck for me … even if the husband is away, I have daughter with me…. so no scope of any exclusive me time 😦

  5. Rightly said.. I too sometimes like to me by myself.. but not for longer for sure… The independence in watching TV, same oinch on the reading my novel… And haaaaan same same pinch on the 45 degree sleeping pattern… Enjoi ur Me time..

  6. Enoy maadi Visha..Initially, I felt very bored whenever S used to travel..Now, I’ve started enjoying the time I get when S is away..This translates to goingback to the PG-hostel days and recreating such kind of an environ at home, atleast in our room..keeping things at random places, food,laptop, music player everything surrounding me in the bed and no one to question or ask me to clean 🙂 ..Have fun in your me-time 🙂

  7. ooh! I have been asked the same question a number of times!! heh! I enjoy my time away from the husband!! And if he’s out – I love my time alone!! 🙂
    you have fun ok? 🙂

    • I used the get the ‘paavam’ looks initially, but when the people see how I enjoy my time, they redirect their pity looks to the husband 😆

      totally Pix 😉

    • Welcome here BA 🙂

      Thanks..yeah, recharge and relaxation is on the menu. Nothing planned, but these days, its mostly marathon sitcom watching sessions 😀

  8. TBH (my husband) has another wife too, same as zack, friend from last life I guess, I don’t want to discourage or something but the situation doesn’t change much even when they get married, the group ends with two second wives, and the first remains first.

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