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dominos garlic breadsticks

Dominos plain garlic bread sticks



The smile…enough said!!

The former one vouched by the BFF, the latter one by the husband ๐Ÿ˜€

It’s the anniversary fellas



Feels like yesterday, when just like that, I opened WP, created a blog and published a post. Not even planning what to write about, I started with a series on the typical girl-meets-boy story. Having come a long way since then, it has been a terrific journey.

A journey of

discovering and rediscovering,

understanding and acknowledging,

inventing and reinventing,

loving and sharing.

I have learnt many and keep learning many things by reading blogs and journals, both technical as well as personal. The wealth of information which the blogging community shares is priceless. Somebody’s good day makes me smile. Somebody’s travel tales take me to a virtual tour which is colourful, enriching and so full of knowledge. A sad read on fine day makes me count my stars and stop whining about a drab and boring routine life. Goofy antics and humour of someone makes me give a deep-throated laughter, thus making my colleagues join in and share the happiness. A beautifully shot picture here, a yummy looking recipe there, a help from a long-buried discussion forum for my stuck up code, a light read at the end of a tiring day – all makes me love the online world of blogging more and more.

Even though my blog here is just the everyday life of us and not anything enriching or knowledge inducing, I take pride in the fact that I have created a space out here, which I never thought would materialise. Yes, having a blog itself means a lot since I wanted to write one long, long back, but never came around doing it.

If you, my readers would not have been there, this would have been an abandoned place long ago. A big, big thank you for all who read this blog. Never when I started out did I think I would have people reading me, giving me their feedback and writing to me when I go on a long lapse ignoring this space. Never in my dreams did I imagine someone taking time to tell me that they love reading me. Never did I think I would start sharing my life with people whom I have never met. I would not take names here, because each and every one of you is important here and hold a special place in my heart.


Sharing here, a video I saw a couple of days ago. It has no relation to the context of this post here. But it is too good not to share. If it did not have you smiling at the end of it, show it to others, someone will definitely will ๐Ÿ˜›


P.S Shout out to ME, GB, ZM.

Ladies, guess who startedย cookingย  baking ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

vanilla sponge cake

More on thanking you sweet girls later ๐Ÿ˜‰ :mrgreen:

Land(ed) and site(d)

Back at my parent’s, the normal discussion topics would be a mixture of the neighbourhood and world stories, gadgets and mythology, cricket and rib tickling comedies and of course office politics. When I learned that I am going to join a big family post wedding, I felt the conversation topics would now get interesting with the addition of many unique characters.

To my dismay, I found I landed into a family, whose world spins around lands and sites.

There is one area in which the family is highly knowledgable, to the extent that they can be called HOWREs a.k.a Highly Obsessed With Real Estate

The world of real estate and construction. Each HOWRE is a civil engineer without a degree.  Zero theoretical but 100% practical knowledge.

Apparently, each of MIL’s and FIL’s siblings have built their own homes on the lands they purchased, including them. Their fathers, mothers, grandparents and forefathers did the same. The current working generation got all the engineering skills as inheritance, which they duly implement after having technical discussions near and far, now and then. If I have to single out a particular quirk prevailing in them, it is their absolute disinterest in buying ready-made houses or apartments. Everything has to be done from scratch. And no architect business too. Right from scouting of the land, to registering it, to getting the quotes for raw materials, to going to the length and breadth of the city to get that perfect granite stone and tap fittings, to overlooking the mason’s work, to designing each and every part of the house, from drilling to plotting, every working knowledge is possessed to the HOWRE.

When I got married into the family, there were two house constructions going on. Every Sunday, instead of going around the city, I would be politely asked if I was interested in checking out the ceramic tiles or the bath fittings. Not to appear as a snob and eager to mingle with all, I tagged along with them one day. After one Sunday, which involved us going from one place to another the whole day and me getting a near sunstroke, I asked them to carry on their eureka moments without me.

I thought things came to an end after the house-warming ceremonies of the two said houses. Before I could finish my question to MIL as to what would be the new point of discussion going forward now that no more construction related work is pending, came the phone call from a cousin, saying he is interested to purchase a new land for investment purpose. Later I got to know that this site-seeing is more interesting than constructing a house altogether. In came the older HOWRE’s with their immensely accumulated knowledge on and thus continues the land-brick-sand saga at my place.

It has latched on to Zack’s friends too. If at all they want to purchase any land, they take away the happy-to-help FIL and eager-to-watch BIL’s along with them. Zack plays the communicator in case of language barriers.

The ladies of the family are a notch higher than the men. They never seem to tire out of constructing houses and discussing ‘sites’.

I have an inkling that if at all another life starts developing inside me in future, the soul will enter the world with a full working knowledge of how to construct a house.