Food for being with Him

What all is easily heard in the family at any time or day:

“What’s for breakfast today?”

“Make something special for lunch”

“If only there were some bajji’s with tea, it would go so well with the weather”

“For dinner, we will have the noon’s curry, just make some spicy side-dish to go with it.”

Food is religion in the family. And it has to be perfect, with the right amount of salt and spice. Adjusting to a badly cooked dish will be done half-grudgingly, courtesy when yours truly is in the kitchen. MIL is a culinary expert, so when the time comes to consume a tasteless sambar made by me, the sighing and rolling eye combination would be in multiples, by the audience. While I gape at the furiously working hand and mind of the MIL, the dish is ‘perfected’ on-the-go.


The folks are not overtly spiritual. No morning suprabhatam on the radio. No bhajan and aarti. No singing of shloka’s on respective God’s special days. Just the lighting of the lamp everyday, burning incense sticks and adorning the statues and photos with flowers. On festivals, elaborate spread will be cooked as the prasad. They do like visiting different temples and happily remember the Lord’s name while partaking any prasad from the neighbours. But that’s just it. So unlike at my parent’s, where in the prayer rituals are all together at a different platform.

Now what is the relation between the undying love of good food and minimal spiritual feelings in the family?

I think, the two are mutually inclusive.

Every family member meditates while eating the food. Each and every morsel is eaten with so much love and utmost concentration. Nirvana is achieved with a satisfactory burp at the end of e.a.c.h meal. When I was new to the family, I was highly irritated by the burps emerging from all sides irrespective of the genders and ages for a good ten minutes after the meal. I have lost the count of times I have mentioned here, the absolute love for biryani which the family has. Naturally on Sundays, the meditation reaches the zenith.

Meditation in my opinion is to focus all your concentration and energies at one point, and to do so for a considerable amount of time. So there, the family does meditation with the help of good food.  When I shared these musings with my father, he laughed his guts out. Are you laughing too?

50 thoughts on “Food for being with Him

  1. Well I am 😀

    Food is an integral part at my place too. I get it from my side, my Mom is an excellent cook and she makes a variety of dishes my In Laws however were not that much into food. They can eat same three dishes for days but since they have started living with us they have changed. Because I make it a point to serve variety and thus as they say “they have been spoilt” 😉

    For me food is very imp…it is like a culture & pooja 😀

  2. Yes, yes I am laughing 😀
    A family that meditates and achieves Nirvana by savoring their food. Great 🙂
    You are lucky to have a foodie family and a MIL who is a great cook 😉 … So can I drop in this Sunday 🙂

    • Fine, I am the laughing stock 😐

      I have an eccentric family 😉

      Foodie family means so much of spending time cooking re 😦 They are not satisfied with simple meals 🙄

      Sunday means biryani 😛

  3. Although everyone in my family is a good cook, we are basically lazy. We are fine with eating the same meal three times a day but then there are days when we are in our element.
    I am the most experimental cook in the house and your post reminded me that I haven’t flexed the pans and pots from some time.

  4. Oh yes I am 🙂
    Food is an integral part of my family too. Its like you spoke my mind! My day starts and ends with food. The men in the house are so choosy that menu deciding can be a nerve-wracking process and they do not repeat food either. So I have to go through this 3 times a day 😦
    But, “Nirvana is achieved with a satisfactory burp at the end of e.a.c.h meal” ? Lol V, you are so funny :-d

    • Laugh away to glory girl 😐

      I decide the menu a day before if I am the lone cook-er at home, stack all the required stuff and wake up an hour early to redo or rework on any disaster in the kitchen.

      Haha, I should record the burps someday, you do not seem to believe me 😀

  5. Oh yeah, Food is my religion too. I do shy away on being too active on eating but am ready to cook anything even at 1 A.M. That reminds me to experiment something new soon 😀

  6. Lol yea ! 😀

    Food is a religion ! Didnt you know already !? You should have read me earlier ! 😛 😛
    Not for nothing do they call me the Ghost who Eats 😛 😛 😛 and its good to discover a family of my religion ! 😛

  7. No, I am not laughing, because I can totally relate to that behaviour. I am a huge foodie, and believe that cooking and eating is meditation, just like so many other small things in life – gazing out of your balcony at a sunset, writing or reading, or listening to music. I find these as much spiritual practices that help me attain my personal nirvana as going to a temple or performing a pooja. In fact, these things give me more satisfaction than doing a pooja or lighting a diya. Blasphemy? I don’t think so. Every person has his own faith, his own way of experiencing God, his own way of praying – this is mine.

    Gosh, I sound like a daadi amma, no?

    That said, no one in my family is as big a foodie as me. 😦 I would love to eat with a family like yours once in my life – just for the pure pleasure it would offer me. 🙂

    • I agree to so many things you have said. I can find peace while gazing the setting sun while I take a walk around the park or just sit idle on a beach.

      I have food loving folks on both the sides, my parents love experimenting new recipes though the standard everyday meal might be simple. The in-laws rarely experiment but every meal needs to be a bit special. You should come over when it is festival season, the fully laid down banana leaf will tempt you like anything 😀

  8. Well I am laughing hard 🙂 In our household.. Saturdays and Sundays are the days when we experiment a lot and in the disasters, we find some great stuff too 🙂

    • Et tu 😐

      Good that you guys like to experiment, the family is not too keen when I experiment, they always think of a back-up when it is announced that I am trying something new in the kitchen 🙄

  9. I read somewhere that the best way to eat is to eat joyously. Hard to believe, but that is actually difficult for some people to do! Nice to know your folks have mastered the art of joyful eating. 🙂

  10. FOOD!! where do I start?? read it in my blog name itself.. food is surely more than a religion for PK & I.. Heights – I like to eat chatpata and yummiest food while I have fever.. I eat more than usual while I am sick.. I feel ashamed, where do I hide when PK asked me to eat khichdi when I was sick 😦 Oh the most embarrassing moment when I finish whole pizza in front of PK & BIL while they cannot finish whole!!

    In train while returning, I have one thought only – What to cook??

    To be honest, I don’t pray everyday, I don’t do pooja or light the diya everyday but my day starts with thinking what to eat for breakfast & ends with what to cook & eat for dinner, so you can say Food is my Pooja & prayer 😉 God please maaf karna 🙂

    Btw I like the way you write Visha 🙂 and sorry for biiiggg comment 🙂 Enjoy your weekend 🙂

    • arrey you are my annapoorneshwari of the blog world!! 😉 😉

      Haha…I am guilty of the same. Once when I went out with the nephew and Zack, I finished my regular pizza before they completed the garlic bread 😆

      Since the family is so particular about the taste and variety, even I make prior plans before starting cooking.

      Glad that you like the stories N 🙂

      Comment to comment hota hai, isme kya chhota ya bada 😉 😀

      Hope you have a fabulous weekend 🙂

  11. Appreciate every last bite, isn’t that how the saying goes 🙂 I love chicken biriyani and can eat it for every meal of the day. Take me in 🙂

    Discovered your blog today. Had fun reading the stories 🙂

    • Welcome here girlinjammies 🙂

      I am with you on that apt saying! Ah..another biryani lover, there seems to be a huge community out there 😀

      Happy to be of service 😉

  12. I like to eat provided somebody cooks for me….I am just lazy to cook and on days when I am inspired….I cook quite ok!

    I need to come visit your house for lunch 😉

  13. I am a self proclaimed foodie. and I think food is my religion. I have no idea how I can think about food so much ! 😀 😀

    God bless my genes, they don’t make me go fat no matter how much I eat !

  14. ahahaha!! Well, me and my whole family is a foodie so I concur with your observations! A good meal is appreciated in any big Indian family. Heck, Indian weddings are judged by the amount and quality of food offered to the guests!! So eat on……that’s all I have to say!! 😀

  15. I can totally understand that 🙂 My husband is a foodie of that sort. I like my food, but can also survive on the same food, if it means that I don’t have to cook. It’s when I have to cook that the problem starts 🙂 And food is as good a religion as any, I would say 🙂 Even better, if you ask my husband(he takes his food pilgrimage to all the restaurants around very, very seriously 🙂

    • Hi Smitha, welcome here 🙂

      Looks like we are amidst a fervent bunch of food worshippers :mrgreen:

      Pilgrimage to all restaurants aa?? 😀 😀 The family hardly eats outside, since it does not suit to their taste 🙄

      If at all we decide to go out, half an hour of phone calls and online reviews will follow, on which restaurant has good food and what is the speciality in their menu 😆

  16. No laughing, I meditate in the same manner :). I just loooooove food. Serving prasads in temple is not a part of our religion, as a child I would cry to go to other Hindu temples not for any other reason but the yummy prasad, and when some team mate mails with a subject Tirupati prasad at my desk, I m the one who reaches first, you get it right?

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