My absolute loves

of course as of now 😉

dominos garlic breadsticks

Dominos plain garlic bread sticks



The smile…enough said!!

The former one vouched by the BFF, the latter one by the husband 😀


46 thoughts on “My absolute loves

  1. I too love the Dominos plain garlic bread sticks 🙂
    Hey Visha, you can try and bake this at home!!! How about Project Bread sticks?! I too am toying with the idea of baking this…
    So this is Naani…No wonder the girls in my team were fans of this guy 🙂

    • I discovered them about an year ago only, and it was love at first bite 😀

      Oh super, I have not yet made the garlic buns, tomorrow hopefully I should be able to do it…in the mean time, you try the breadsticks, ok 🙂

      Ah..I am a total fan of his smile…a couple of days back saw one of his early movies playing on the TV, for a moment I could not place who the guy was, then I thought, the smile looks familiar 😀 😀

  2. Both are awesome choices! I can’t imagine that I used to refuse to try out garlic bread just because somehow I didn’t find the words garlic and bread together appealing. Then my guy once forced me to try it and ever since I love it. There have been days when I just get the craving for just garlic bread. I wonder what the dominos guys would think if I just ordered this for home delivery 😛

    • Me too!!

      Know that I think of it, I always tell to myself, why did not I try it out earlier 😀

      Many a times, I order just the garlic bread and the counter guy keeps on asking if I wish to eat something else 😆

  3. I want to try the first one!!!

    Second one, Hmmm I know what u r saying. Not because I like him, heck I don’t even know him…but I know the emotions

    • do try it out soon, the softness of the bread will amaze you 🙂

      Even I do not know him, his smile floored me when I saw him for the first time 😛

  4. Visha, I don’t really remember how I came to your blog. In any case, it was yesterday and I have been flipping pages as though your posts will vanish if I don’t read fast enough 😉 Your writing is so so engaging!

    On another note, love garlic sticks – especially the ones my mom used to make 🙂

    • You know what Priya, I am having a bad time at work and this comment of yours is making me grin so widely that I am getting stares from the neighbours :mrgreen: 😀 😀

      Thank you for salvaging my Monday 🙂

      Yay..another garlic bread stick lover 😉

  5. I love garlic buns that I bake at home :mrgreen: 😈 though Dominos ones are yummy too 🙂
    Now the second picture, *ahem* *gulp* I thought that’s your hubby in the picture, but then read through the comments and smiled noting you are smitten by his smile 😉

  6. I was feeling sleepy, so i came to your blog, to see if you had any of the hair tearing puzzles up. Sadly, no. 😦

    En pangukku, Just giving you a lame one. which you may know, and which i got inspired from Keirthana’s blog, how to prove that 0/0 is not a 0?

    • Puzzles come up here when they give their attendance to my mind, so not yet 🙂

      Hmm..why dont you ask her yourself, since you got the question from there 😛

      • So, you don’t know the answer to that one.. 😀

        Actually, there was a small mistake in the question. 😦

        The question is how to prove that a natural number N ( non zero number) , N/0 is not equal to 0?

        I don’t see any puzzles on her blog, so don’t want to sound more stupid than the solution to the question itself. 😀

  7. Both of them look delicious. Oh..I mean the garlic bread sticks are delicious and that cute guy is quite handsome. Although I don’t know who he is, but I like his smile. 🙂

    • Hi Amy 🙂 ( love your name)

      I fell for his smile when saw it for the first time. Same thing for the garlic bread. One bite and I became its slave 😀

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