Find the dad

Mrs. B One had two kids : Master C One and Miss D One

What is the name of the kids father?

P.S  There are two valid answers.

P.P.S  The first three who answer correctly will find a personalised email in their mail boxes from me, containing a never heard before ( I think) LJ (lame joke) :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

P.P.P.S  Answers to be declared tomorrow same time. Since no copying will be allowed, all comments will be published at the same time with the answer. What? Its exam time all around buddies 😈 😈

Edited to add:

First answer is Mr.One

Second answer is though technically the husband of Mrs. B One is Mr. One, you cannot be sure he is the father of the kids 😈

DI answered the riddle perfectly, actually to the T, damn good D 🙂

The surprise

(A phone conversation)

She : “What time are you coming home”
He : “About 9”
She : “Come sooner if possible, a surprise awaits you”
He: “You know I hate suspense, come out with it”
She: “Then keep guessing”
He: “Baby, am tired already, don’t have the energy to play guessing games”
She: “Hahaha, cut the call and see to it that you come home soon.”

Sighing, he cut the call and concentrated on the document he was proof reading. Once done, he switched off the laptop and let his mind wander, thinking what could be the surprise. She had just joined a reputed fashion house . Maybe she had designed a new dress to impress him. Smiling to himself, he winded up things from his desk and started to leave. While waiting at a traffic signal, he mulled what would they have for dinner. If there was one thing she absolutely had no clue about was cooking. Boarding school, hostel, PG – these were the three words she uttered accompanied by a sorry smile, while she relished his pasta at one potluck get together, when he asked her “what have you cooked”.

“If she has a surprise for me today, I will have one for her too. Let me try some Indo-Chinese today. She will love it.”

He rang the door bell to his apartment.

In his mind, he saw her coming with a whiff of freshness and a hint of fragrance.
All he saw was a hint of flour on her cheeks and a whiff of garam masala.

Bewildered, he made way for the giggling neighbour hurrying away.

“Thanks a lot”, she shouted to the neighbour.

“Welcome”, she said with a bright smile.
His heart soared.


Beauty of acting

We are seated in the living room of Zack’s cousin’s home. Niece is solving a picture puzzle and I am talking to her mother, who was in the kitchen, preparing dinner. Zack is using the laptop, going through his Facebook feed.

He guffaws loudly startling the niece.

“Visha, you should listen to this”

“Go ahead”

He proceeds to tell a long drawn joke about a telephone conversation between a husband and wife. Listening the second line of the joke, I know what would happen next since I had already heard it. Still, I maintain a plain face and proceed to smile gradually after each funny line. At the end of the joke, there is a collective laughter. I too join in.

In case this incident had happened some months ago, I would not have allowed him to proceed after the initial couple of lines. I would have snubbed him – “Yeah I know about it, it goes like this no…” thus displaying my smart-alecness.

Today, he was enjoying the joke and wanted to pass on the fun to all present in the room. Acting dumb on my part for a known joke brought enough mirth to last for a minute in the living room. It was a happy Saturday 🙂