Beauty of acting

We are seated in the living room of Zack’s cousin’s home. Niece is solving a picture puzzle and I am talking to her mother, who was in the kitchen, preparing dinner. Zack is using the laptop, going through his Facebook feed.

He guffaws loudly startling the niece.

“Visha, you should listen to this”

“Go ahead”

He proceeds to tell a long drawn joke about a telephone conversation between a husband and wife. Listening the second line of the joke, I know what would happen next since I had already heard it. Still, I maintain a plain face and proceed to smile gradually after each funny line. At the end of the joke, there is a collective laughter. I too join in.

In case this incident had happened some months ago, I would not have allowed him to proceed after the initial couple of lines. I would have snubbed him – “Yeah I know about it, it goes like this no…” thus displaying my smart-alecness.

Today, he was enjoying the joke and wanted to pass on the fun to all present in the room. Acting dumb on my part for a known joke brought enough mirth to last for a minute in the living room. It was a happy Saturday 🙂


57 thoughts on “Beauty of acting

  1. For me too it was very difficult to not snub people on a joke I have already heard, but now I too have learned too play along. Actually I had to, because my FIL has the habit of repeating jokes from his past, again and again, just smiling every time as if I have heard it for the first time, makes him very very happy. Sometimes we all have to do a little acting for the happiness of our dear and near ones 🙂

    • My in laws have this habit of retelling the in-those-days tales so often, that I always have a smile plastered on my face 😉 😉

  2. I have been doing this for the past 13 years and the man has still not figured out that I am such a good actress 🙄 It’s about time someone give me the Lifetime Achievement Award for Phooling the Husband 😉 :mrgreen:

  3. I guess we all many many times will play along with people who are not near and dear ones… but we become quite indifferent with our near and dear ones… where as it should be the other way round… Glad you learnt that ! 😛 I am too… though lapses always happen !

  4. What all we learn with age n time no? Today I was asking my MIL to chill and stop talking about things that do not matter…and she very proudly reminded my son, “see how patient your mother is now, she is teaching me patience” 😀

    Somtimes it is more fun to see others enjyoing hai na?

  5. Thats so sweet Visha 🙂 🙂 With kids, I always play along these lines only.. nothing wrong in acting dumb to experience ultimate cuteness 🙂 Whats more happier than to see a happily smiling kid’s face! 🙂

    • GB darling 🙄 🙄 I was playing with Zack here 🙄

      Are you telling me that he should be classified as a kid 😛 😛 That I can totally do as a matter-of-fact 😉

      • Ooooshooo 😦 think I going mad with work.. just one more day of work-a-thon and then I guess I can breathe normally again 😀

        let me read the post once more 🙄

  6. Awww. I might have reacted with an eye roll after he was done saying “Old joke!”. But that’s cos the Dude does it to me ALL the time 😐

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