The tata list

4 months have passed since the year started. Along with gaping at the flying days with wide eyes, I have realized I need to note down some very important changes which I have inculcated into my lifestyle off late.

So, here is my  Tata-list

Tata sugar
As I already have bleated profusely, I am off-sugar since 7-8 weeks. Now it so happened that since the day I resolved to say tata to sugar, a variety of sweet dishes came my way at home and at work. My usually non-foodie office colleagues had a dramatic change of heart and starting bringing in sweets every single day. Chocolates I already don’t eat so that I could easily dodge. But how to say no to hot puran-polis. Then my head did the math. Sugar is not equal to jaggery. Thus I happily gorged on my share of the puran-polis.  Someone had given a cake from a birthday party. Besan laddoos. Alphonso ice cream. Mango pachadi. Suffice to say that I barely scrapped. Many of my colleagues were interested to join my no-sugar challenge. When they came to know biscuits and cookies were off-limits, they started cursing me left and right. Sigh.

Tata shampoo
Yes, I am not using any shampoo since many months. Tired of trying out every single kind and make, I decided to go herbal. Hibiscus leaves paste. Egg mask. The likes. SIL has concocted a wondrous herbal shikakai powder which has everything to make my hair feel fuller and softer. Only God knows how many times I have blessed her.

Tata TV
The television in my room was last alive a month ago. I used to switch it on for few minutes, only to switch it off for the lack of good programs. 90% of the time, I used to watch the songs in MTV or VH1. I did not have the energy to follow any regular soap after entering the room at 11 in night, nor the inclination to watch heavily choreographed cosmetic characters.

Tata wants
This is a bit difficult to comprehend even for myself. I suddenly feel myself not wanting anything. The other day, Zack and I were at the departmental store. He egged me to try out a new deodorant. I said No. A new top? No. Warm sponge cake?No.  Jewellery? No. I know, I should just wait to let someone certify me as a cave
man. Or cave-women.

I already have my life devoid of many usual stuff – like coffee and aerated drinks. Now when folks around me are noticing these new tata-changes in me, they are wondering if I have a secret stash that I smoke. Nope, not made-up. True story.


47 thoughts on “The tata list

  1. Wow! that’s some determination girl. I mean saying goodbye to TV & shampoo I can understand but Sugar & Wants too….that’s massive will power & self control.

    Take a bow girl….am impressed & inspired!!

    • The TV as it was lying unattended and unused. I just nailed it’s coffin :mrgreen:

      Guess what, the non-sweet-tooth people in the family are converts now. And I am hating sugar now. Total sorcery happening I tell you.

      😳 thank you, thank you 😳

  2. You are totally off sugar? 😯 I can’t live without my daily dose of an entire tin of Ferrero Rocher or bars of Toblerone 🙄

    Oh my mom used to pin me down and slather a stinking paste of freshly made Hibiscus all over my head and err because I used to wriggle, it did spread all over my body too (maybe that explains all those extra hair at places where it’s not common to have hair follicles :mrgreen: ) I don’t use shampoo too nor do I use soap. Well I can vouch that I don’t smell like a witch okay? 😳

    I do touch the TV once every single day and that would be to chase the dust and cobwebs away from it. I can’t sit still and watch anything 😥

    About not wanting anything…did you get a pregnancy test? *ducks that sugar free cake coming her way* 👿 😈

    • You are a true choco lover Saku, and as they say – true love never dies :mrgreen:

      Even moi ma used that slimy paste on my mane. At that time I used to hate it, now I am hunting for the hibiscus leaves all around and making that paste. What goes around, comes around eh 😉

      😯 😯 😯 Where is my broom 👿 👿

  3. congo for sugar tata. It’s a big leap forward..I need to cut my sugar intake, though I only take with coffee..said ta-ta to aerated drinks such as cola long tym’s been over a year now:)

  4. you have said tata to so many things Visha..
    sanyaasi ban gai khane ke maamle me bhi huh??? aisa kaise?? aur kab tak??

    Inch-pinch on tata wants actually, have said tata to wants, just because have shopped a lot in India and now have to save for all the final payments to construction people 😦

    But well done 🙂

    • kahaan the aap!! aapke darshan ho gaye yahaan, hum dhanya ho gaye 😉

      hehehe…is it so easy to become a sanyaasi eh 😛

      I only said tata to sugar, not food 😛 I am eating all kinds of foods re, just not including sugar in any of them. Good for health, isliye 🙂

      When did you get back? Did you update…I did not get any post notification 😯

      House construction coming around well? When are you moving in?

  5. Are you real to say bye to some many things at same time, I don’t watch Tv either. also I gave up coffee.

    Kudos to you for your will power to say good bye to Sugar 🙂

    • hehe LF, I have not been using these stuff for a while, just laid them to final rest and spoke an obituary here 😉

      thank you 🙂

  6. I would say not cave woman but definitely on the path of being a saint and attain ‘moksh’. I left sugar for navratri last year and realized only that time the whole office floor was swamped with sweets, chocos and alike which every body had to offer. I cant imagine my life without cakes and chocolates so it is rather difficult for me to leave them altogether.

    And you left shampoo, you are on some diff path Visha. About wants, I just told TBH yesterday after my unnecessary shopping spree last week that I just love shopping, hamara montly budget kam ho ya zyada, I will manage some shopping anyhow.

    I guess, need to learn a thing or two from you 🙂

    • Hahaha OHW, is it so easy to attain moksha 😛 😛

      True that, the one thing you think you should be away from comes in large quantities at the same time, the guy up there really likes to test us 😉 😀 😀

      The shampoo never worked re, I was using all these years just to save time and its ease. My hair was always dead 😦

      I am good in self-control, I can completely vouch for that 🙂

  7. so walking towards becoming monk?? che this doesnt suit.. be back to worldly things.. first i thought u were going to write about TATA products as u wrote TATA sugar, was thinking next would be salt, tea etc etc.. :P..

  8. My tata has been..tata mobile phones, tata chicken and tata icecream. The only thing that i was really able to say tata was the ice cream as my hubby would not buy me one as he know that the moment i eat it, i would catch a cold…sadly.its been almost 2 years since i ate the ice

    • Hi Ekta!! Pleasure to see you here 🙂

      Even I catch cold often eating ice cream, my throat is sore for days together…but now and then I do indulge during social events, in the fear of being sent in a zoo 😛 :mrgreen:

      you dont use mobile phones 😯 What if you are stuck out somewhere on road and have to call someone 🙄

  9. Wow! Kudos on the changes, girl! 🙂 That spells out some great determination!

    When I first glanced at your post, I thought you had started using some new Tata brand of sugar and shampoo. 🙂

    I have been off TV and aerated drinks for quite a while now. Can’t imagine giving up sugar, though. Am thinking of giving up shampoo, too – no brand seems to suit me. Could you please share the recipe for the herbal powder that you use? I would be eternally grateful!

  10. Hehehe you have one hell of a determination, keep up that TATA – Sugar alive and I will join you soon there 😀

    One in a while, I do get this TATA-want feeling too. How much ever S presses me, I never get anything. These days I am having TATA-Kitchen feeling as well – what does that mean 🙄

    • The other day, I was supposed to mix maida flour into a dough and I made a rice flour dough by mistake. Even after tasting it for right salt amount I did not make out the goof-up. Only after I saw the other maida-dabba and opened it did I realize my mistake.

      I am an idiotic jerk ma 😉

  11. Wow, Visha! I don’t know what to say. I have tried to decide on doing such stuff mentally but never got close to implementing it actually 😦 I am a very impulsive person and it makes the whole thing harder. Makes me wonder if I am be a spoilt brat some times 😛

    Hats off to your determination! You are amazing!

  12. U r slowly becoming a sanyasin or what???

    Just kidding or rather said that to irk you!! Please don’t say Tata to me 😉

    But good that u r doign what u wanted!!!! I can do with saying Tata to eating!!! 😀

    • Not watching TV and eating no sugary stuff makes one sanyasi kya 😛 😛

      Tata to eating actually will make you a sanyasi, the kinds who live only on air and water 😛 😛

  13. Wooooooooohoo! What a list – okay, let me not pretend. I won’t be saying tata to anything. I like my share of news, sitcoms and cartoons. I can happily say tata to cricket (blech).

    I had tried my stint with tata to sugar more out of a fun challenge but then I was like – why? why should I deprive myself of this? But to be honest, if the sweetness comes from fruits or honey, am more than happy – I need the sweet taste and it isn’t easy and pocket friendly to find store made sugar-substituted products 🙂 I do use jaggery in my cooking though.

    Tata shampoo – Am with you but I don’t get shikakai here always. I don’t like shampoos either 😦

    tata wants – That is only a rare phase for me 😛

    So all in all, I bow before you. But I also hope you aren’t missing out on something you really like but have given up (You know what I mean?) – Like this box of Van Houtten that stares at me now, for example.

    • I see the news and sitcoms online, read the papers for juicy gossips, watching TV was left long ago, so I just gave it a fitting farewell 😉

      haha, its the reverse actually. I am still introducing my taste buds to sweetness via raisins, honey-lime, jaggery. Its just the realization that artificial sugar does no good to your health, so the alternatives to it. The other day, I tried a raw beetroot salad with no dressing and girl it was so so sweet 🙂 Ditto with a sugar-free strawberry juice.

      I had to google out Van Houtten 😆

  14. Visha!!! Now you have inspired me to go off the sugar!! And your beet root idea was good!! i bought some this time!!!
    Hey, why don’t you post your SIL’s formula of the herbal shampoo!!!
    We anyways didn’t have cable connection, but now my in-laws will be visiting us hence we have taken it for some time!!! But i agree to you, i can’t watch soap operas, i mostly watch songs or the movies!! And now a days some food shows (effect of food blogging 😉 )
    BTW, Great Saint Visha, please bless us with wisdom so that we too can say bye to our wants!!!

    • Oh, did you try out the beet salad?
      I did already!! check out my comments to The Girl Next Door.
      Food shows..aha…masterchef mein participate karo na…I will get an exclusive connection just for you 😉 😉
      hahaha…moh maya mein mangal manoa beta, why you wishing for no-wants 😛 😛

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