What is the story here?



32 thoughts on “What is the story here?

  1. hmmmm… this is how I am interpreting it. Forgetting abt the disaster and the investigation happening behind.. a tailor guy is posing for his first photo as a groom, with his gadget in hand 😀

  2. The Guy with a gift?!?! Probably he is the best man wanting to gift the sewing machine to his friend on wedding, taking pic as a proof but is oblivious to the background?!

  3. Hmmm… kept me thinking.. – the guy had a sewing machine at hand, so could stitch a black dress for funeral as soon as the accident happened or he could stitch his wedding dress torn in the accident-weird story I know.. Why do guys in the west wear black for wedding and funeral ? cant guess the occasion with the dress !

  4. let me try: There is a tradition that groom needs to gift something for his bride on the day of their wedding (note: This is one way , no two -way in gifting 🙂 evil laugh) and this groom has forgotten to buy any, finds a truck that is abandoned, finds a little sewing machine inside, remembers how his bride loves to sew, picks it up and flashes for a picture ..

  5. another version (from my husband , this one, when I showed him this pic and asked for his version) with some spiice added by me: Time is catching up for the groom to be at the wedding venue, but alas, this suit is not ready yet..The parcel service rushes through the grassy path and delivers the “still-a-few-stiches-needed” dress along with a sewing machine..The groom quickly stiches whatever required, gets ready and poses to take a picture with the whole scene in the background ..The truck has come in the wrong direction and hence policemen are enquiring the brown man(truck driver)

  6. The guy in the black suit is a vampire. He needs a particular sewing machine in order to get married to his love – a vampire-woman. 😛 He pushes the car in which some guys are carrying the machine into a ravine. The police are wondering about the accident. The vampire is all smiles, because he knows that nothing can now stop him from getting married to his girlfriend – the fang woman. 😀 😀 😀

    Sorry for the PJs. 😛 Not really.

    • Vampire out in broad daylight, kahaani mein pehle hi twist, I like it 😉

      Oh we do know what the welcome drink in this wedding party will be 😀

  7. Hello 🙂 Came over from Green Boochi 🙂

    Maybe it is an Ad for the sewing machine depicting how strong this tiny machine is. Inspite of an accident and truck rolling over, the machine is intact. The groom fell in love with the machine and married it 😛 ( Total PJ, couldn’t help ya :P)

  8. On the day of the wedding, as the groom was going, there was a small hole in groom’s shirt. It was an ill omen, a few thought. But there was no time. So, ten people, the groom included got into the truck. On the way, there was an accident, only the groom survived. The police are investigating the accident and the death of 9 people.

    Now, we cut the camera, and the groom is seen promoting a sewing machine ad and he says ” a stitch in time saves nine.”

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