At night

“You don’t have time for me at all”


“We hardly get 15 minutes to talk and in that too you —”

“what? what? sorry didn’t hear you”

“No, you be busy in reading the book, I will go to sleep”

“hmm, good night”



On the go workout

Do not have time to workout or follow an exercise routine?

Worry not, for I have a free alternative.

  • Get inside a bus with loads of people.
  • Plant yourself firmly between the first and second rows of seats right behind the driver seat.
  • When you feel the inexplicable surge of weight on your side or back, slant forward/ sideways to take support from the window railings and save yourself from pain.
  • Remain in same position exerting strength on arms and shoulders unless you want to see yourself dying by returning to your initial position.

Core muscle training for the day – over.

Note – No one was harmed while conducting this experiment. This is a survivor’s account.


At the joy of the niece who makes a bunny like jump in the air and clings to me, when she is seeing me for the first time post her vacation at her grandma’s.

By the power of a smile
    Rush hour in bus, everyone is hassled, from the conductor to the last minute hoppers. It was amusing to see a young mother trying to fit her 3 kids in a seat and answering all their questions. One of the question was so funny that I could not help chuckling, she caught me and then both of us burst out laughing.
    One other time, when I was close to getting squished by heavy set ladies from all the sides, I simply looked around in bewilderment to see the source of my immediate death. Apparently, the features of my face were aligned in a way that the ladies could not help but laugh silly. Seeing them I too joined them. By the time they were finished, my bus stop had already come.

At my impulsiveness
    It has never been my forte. I always plan. Still do. But some things are happening very impulsively. Like the last minute decision to accompany Zack at his friend’s wedding at Belgaum. The early morning dew and mist in summer was astonishing, during the train journey. The Muslim bride I met after threatening the groom that I am not leaving without meeting her in person, was so shy that she did not even lift her eyelids to look at me.  Later I came to know that it is a tradition. Strange.
    Going on a road trip to Mysore when initially it was planned to go somewhere else. The trip was fun, the company more so. Remember M from here? He and his bride were visiting us. Suffice to say, we ladies gossiped a lot.
    Out of the blue planning to have dinner outside. It was raining heavily and I was dead sure there would be no electricity. I had been doing candle light cooking whenever the transformer went bust, which occurs even at the hint of rain and was in mood to do so on a very rainy Friday night. So I asked Zack to directly come off at a restaurant, while I took a bus to the same. And we stuffed ourselves silly. So heavy, that I had to take deep breaths to just stand up from my chair.

By the family
    One evening, I suddenly felt like calling up and talking up to my sisters-in-law. Zack’s sister, his cousin sister, his cousin’s wife. I talk to my ma daily and to my SILs occasionally – mostly twice a month. That day I fell this unexplainable pull that I should talk with all the SILs. I called each one and talked at length. Catching up on lots of stuff.
    Brother called up one day and was indignant that I did not update him personally on my promotion. I felt so guilty on getting reprimanded by my younger brother, in the hectic schedules I had forgotten to check with him.
    When the in-laws came back after their annual pilgrimage, I was immediately relieved of most of the work. The added half an hour of sleep in the mornings was treasure-worthy. As soon as Zack started the resuming his role of a son apart from a husband, came back his laziness in full form. That completely stopped me from extolling his praises to his mom on how he took care of the garden in their absence.

At the wonderful news in blogosphere
    I haven’t been very active in blogging due to heavy work load at office. But whenever I got time I used to skim through posts in my reader. This news had me smiling for many minutes. Such wonderful news! One superstar mom manages to crack me every time I read her updates. The videos of her cuties are the sole reason I sneak off from boring meetings – they bring a tube light glow on my face. Another rockstar mom takes time off to carry on old time email conversations. She thought of me when she read about a tea-cake recipe, just because she remembered me asking her to make it for me, how awesome is that 😉 The regulars checking on me every time I go missing. I promise to treat you with fabulous meals when we meet. Everything hand made. Nothing store bought. Deal.