On the go workout

Do not have time to workout or follow an exercise routine?

Worry not, for I have a free alternative.

  • Get inside a bus with loads of people.
  • Plant yourself firmly between the first and second rows of seats right behind the driver seat.
  • When you feel the inexplicable surge of weight on your side or back, slant forward/ sideways to take support from the window railings and save yourself from pain.
  • Remain in same position exerting strength on arms and shoulders unless you want to see yourself dying by returning to your initial position.

Core muscle training for the day – over.

Note – No one was harmed while conducting this experiment. This is a survivor’s account.


35 thoughts on “On the go workout

  1. Unfortunately these workouts dont result in weight loss directly or good portion of metro cities would have been slim & trim. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Visha ,

    I am amongst those silent readers, who always reads your posts but avoids dropping in comments πŸ™‚ But from now onwards I am gonna be more regular on comments task….

    Agree completely on the workout regime, as I expereience this often in Bengaluru Buses :0

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