Special July

There are two months which I look forward to, every year. July and February. The latter, only since 2 years 😛

But I have been in love with July forever. It has the most number of birthdays. If I take out a calendar and start circling the  D-days, only seven days are ‘normal’ days, the rest are special, birthdays of people long-lost and newly found, of family and friends, of neighbors and acquaintances. The school academic terms would finally see a semblance after starting mid-June, with new students and new teachers, only to get disrupted by sudden rains. What joy it would be to cycle down to school in the rains, to hear the announcement that classes have been dismissed, the ride back home soaking in showers, deliberately taking the longer route.

July would be the start of new semesters in our college. New lecturers, clueless students, over-tired book shop owners, deep waters in the whole sale markets, rain-proofing the new books, endless hours at the bus stop waiting for the always late buses. I being a studious student, would never miss a class come rain or shine. Still remember wading deep, deep waters to reach the college gates because the bus driver refused to go ahead :mrgreen:

Birthdays coupled with rains made me fall in love with July more and more. A recently joined employee has her birthday a day later. When I checked with her, to confirm if I was not wrong, she could not control her excitement and started describing her birthday rituals. I had a perfect start to the first Monday of the second half of this year.


24 thoughts on “Special July

  1. celebrate it with a bash 🙂 🙂 put a list for yourself 🙂 people will do anything to make us happy on that day 🙂 come start 🙂

  2. Though I have more normal days in July, I love this month when the start of monsoons are eminent 🙂 Yes, remembering those days when I cycled down to school in rain. It was an awesome feeling.

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