Rant spa

I was feeling uncomfortable by some of MIL’s actions and words since a couple of days. The jibes were subtle sometimes, at times in your face. Now I am designed such, that I never speak back or retort, even if the case is severe. I will concentrate on the work at hand and wait till she lets off her steam. By the end of the day she will forget completely what happened 🙄

When I return to my room at the end of the day, I will think about the whys and causes. Most of the times I do not worry much, because I always attribute it to MIL’s old age 😛 At times when I feel start feeling claustrophobic( yes, that happens too) I will blurt everything to Zack. He knows well, that a phone call in the middle of the day is a sign that I need a rant session and emails won’t work. Once the thoughts are out of my system, I will feel easy. The sky and the rest of the universe becomes beautiful again.

Now there also comes certain times wherein I am unable to have my rants with Zack. It may be due to tiredness at the end of the day, or heavily scheduled weekdays or delicacy of the situation. At times like that I turn to SIL, who listens me patiently and gives me her impartial advises. The comfort level with her amazes me now, since at the start I was quite intimidated by her. Now she guffaws whole-heartedly and says “I am always there”, when I thank her saying I will have a good sleep at night since I ranted out.

Zack is my legal punching-bag, he cannot escape his role :mrgreen:
But to have another one in the form of his sister, makes me feel doubly lucky. I am happy to belong here.

22 thoughts on “Rant spa

  1. Yay to that awesome SIL!! 🙂 I can so say that too, in my case as well. Having SILs of almost same age or similar mindset really helps. Mine are all younger to me, but they have always amazed me with their love and care for me.

    • Even though mine is way, way elder than me I am glad she sees my perspective and understands me 🙂

      I can imagine what fun you girls must be having at certain times 😉

  2. That is lucky 🙂 I have another friend who only discusses her MIL with her SIL because only she would understand, and I find that SO cute! 🙂
    Guys at the end of the day might listen, but give such drab, bleh advice that you need a girl! Hehe. Good for you!

  3. Touch wood girliee..you are definitely doubly lucky..It sure requires an open mind to listen and acknowledge that each one can (or rather is entitled) to his/her own perspectives and not be judgemental about it..

  4. You are lucky Visha.. 🙂 I don’t have an SIL, only 2 BILs.. but I am lucky to have BFFs who can tolerate my rant sessions 🙂 But I think I will become such an SIL when my Bro gets married in a year or two 🙂

  5. I too have a punching bag who listens to me and supports me all the time. That what i like about my hubby. Sometimes i see him torn between me and MIL and he is good at what he does sometimes. Due to a recent episode, which was mainly a misunderstanding between me and my MIL, i too decided that I never speak back or retort, even if the case is severe

    • They have to, no other way out 😛
      In general I am not confrontational, I let go very easily. So I am not able to speak back, thinking it will only make matters worse.

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