The key to his relaxed mind

“What to do this weekend”
“You decide”

“Where do you want to go”
“As per your wish”

“What time should we leave”
“Whatever you say”

“This item looks interesting. I am ordering this. What do you want”
“Anything. You know the best”

This is the secret to the guy’s happiness and stress free weekends. He never takes charge of ‘mundane’ stuff. He leaves all the thinking, planning, plotting to me and sits back and get regaled seeing me choose and fret 👿

If I do not make any plans, he gets a unique high – from the uninterrupted sleep and lazying around doing nothing. Doing the hard work is a small price to pay to deny him that bliss :mrgreen: 😈

26 thoughts on “The key to his relaxed mind

  1. hehe! I confess of doing the same to my mom and yrs ago to my’s just that when it come to food matters, I am clueless..but hey I know how to fry an egg, make tea and coffee as well as noodles:)

  2. How could you write so correctly about me and S? LOL 😆 Thats how it is with most men eh?
    Sometimes I go so sick of this discussion that I stare at him until he opens his mouth 😛 After all, its been happening like this for not 1 or 2 years but 7years. he cant push everything onto me…. he simply cant. I keep mum until he speaks 😀

  3. I really get irritated when the husband answers ” whatever you like” 😡 arey if I wanted to do whatever I like I would not have asked him ” what to cook for dinner?”, “should we go to that shop or this?”, “whether to put salt in lemon juice or sugar”…., I would have just told him what I am doing… And it is irritating also because he is sure to give his opinion when I actually want to do ‘whatever I like’ 😈

    • LOL Seena, I just imagined this little scene between you and your hubby, classic comedy scene this is 😉 😉

      Best thing is to do what we want, if they do not like, then they will start getting interested in what we do or plan 😀

    • That is another scene while shopping. His standard opening sentence while entering the shop – “You choose whatever you like, I will select which one suits you the best” 😀 😀

  4. LOL. This is a place where the OH and I differ from you guys. 😀 We have an equal share in the choosing and taking decisions of everyday life. We share the stress of decision making that way.

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