Today I learned

In the morning I was asked to make a spicy onion chutney as a pairing for the ragi dosa. How I make it always, is to saute the main ingredients, grind them and then temper it.

In the few minutes that I shocking became blessed with the attention span of a sparrow, I saw that I started the tempering in the kadai without grinding the onions first. Thinking that I can salvage it somehow, I added a fistful of curry leaves to the already crackling mustard seeds and urad dal. When it gave a nice aroma, in went the chopped onions and a couple of red chillies. I had another idea, of waiting till it became chutney-like in the kadai itself. But that would have happened with a tomato-onion combo and not when the onion is the sole hero of the dish. So when the kadai showed a sufficiently cooked and sautΓ©ed mating of the onions with the rest of the ingredients, I put it in the mixie jar, added some salt and tamarind and pulsed without adding water. When I tasted the chutney, it was a bit on the fiery side. But the flavour of crushed curry leaves was wonderful. And seeing that it was a side dish for the bland and plain ragi dosa, I did not make any changes and served as it was. It was a hit!

And a new recipe of spicy onion chutney was born πŸ˜€

20 thoughts on “Today I learned

  1. This is one of the ways I make onion chutney, learnt it from amma. Goes really well with hot Pongal, try it next time – I am sure you will love it too πŸ™‚

    • Whenever rice gets left over after dinner and it is a bit more in quantity, I make it as pongal for next day breakfast. So I will try this chutney with the pongal next time πŸ™‚

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