Run baby run

An utterly boring Sunday afternoon.
A hyperactive 5 year old niece.

How do we save the Sunday evening?
We skip.
We run.
We jump.
We race.

And we make shapes out of clothes clips, when we are resting after getting our heart beats up. We ask Mr. Zack to race with us. He does run, to be out of our reach. “Ah, leave the old man”, squeals the young girl with cat ear pigtails, “You race with me”. Laughing our guts out off seeing the scooting guy, we start our race.

“Who came first”, she asks with wide eyes.
Oh, so the concept of first and second is new to her. Or she has no clue how to determine first and second, I hear myself thinking.

“Did not check ra, lets race again”. The gleam in her eyes is infectious. And so the two girls race, pant, huff while the overcast sky blows cool air to make us cool.

A flushed me tells Zack he could have burned some calories instead on sticking to the sofa the whole time. “I already use the office gym. I prefer the treadmill”, he says.

Ha, how can he compare that with the unbridled joy of running with a kid πŸ™‚


18 thoughts on “Run baby run

  1. This is my preferred way of exercising πŸ™‚
    I even used to play pakda pakdi with kids while carrying Zini in my hands, all the kids (yes me too) loved it πŸ™‚

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