The trophy wife

So the latest news is that I have been royally ditched and relegated to the position of a third wife. Even M, Zack’s first wife is horrified by the latest development and has been trying to mope the fact that he has been displaced by a palm sized 5 inch thing.

The smartphone is the latest love of the husband who shot accusatory glances at me when I first mentioned him to start using one. He had an old phone which had been introduced in the markets when mobiles were a new concept. That phone has had innumerable deaths and unimaginable resuscitations. It lived a grand life before begging for moksha, always the cynosure of the husband’s eyes, who would be impervious to the mocks and laughs directed towards his phone.

The new phone was gazed with lot of admiration. And reverence, if I may add so.

The icing on the cake was when the screen guard of the tiny camera came off. He started rummaging in the dresser and came to me with my bindi packet. His plan was to remove the thin transparent film which comes on the packet, cut a small circle out of it and protect his precious camera screen from dust and skin. He did succeed in fitting it, but a tiny air bubble appeared which robbed him of an hour of peace.

I had remarked dryly that all this ooh-ah for the phone will last only for three days, much to his consternation. Here I am now, eating my own words when I see him and his phone inseparable. His trophy wife πŸ‘Ώ

28 thoughts on “The trophy wife

  1. LOL. May I say same story here, once again? I (silly old fool that I am) got the OH a smartphone for our last anniversary. He hemmed and hawed, saying that he didn’t really need one. Now, in 6 months’ time, he is so much glued to it day and night that I have been relegated to second position. No, wait, to the 4th position, after his work, his laptop and now, this smartphone. 😦

    BTW, I totally forgot about Zack and M. Could you please post the link to that post please?

    • Oh same pinch then, you would totally know my dukhi stithi now πŸ˜₯

      This guy vehemently opposed all the time, only when his old phone’s screen cracked open and there was no alternate screen to put up ( it was an adam ke zamaane ka phone), he grudgingly agreed. Now I do not even know what time he sleeps, as soon as dinner is finished he is stuck to the phone 😐

      Linked it πŸ™‚

  2. LOL πŸ˜† Same same story here. You are saved until Zack installs games and start playing them too (or is he already doing that?) S keeps playing a stupid game all the time. Imagine this – I am busy talking something serious.. he pretends to be very attentive. I smell something burning in the kitchen. I am gone for a minute and then he is busy playing his game again. Sigh.

    • Looks I am the latest to join the club of ignored wives πŸ˜€

      Oh no GB, he already asked me to install the games on Day 1 itself, since he busy admiring the new phone. He plays the games all day, what not has he researched πŸ™„

      And same pinch again, I will be telling something, after I am finished and 5 minutes later, he will startle me with “What were you saying” 😐

  3. Visha,glad that you revealed this here in the blog post..So,I’m not the only one to face this situation every single day..In our house tho, S plays games that I consider silly and inspite of my reaptead attempts to distract him or bring forth an important conversation, all he wants is to postpone the conversation because his “concenteration” will get disturbed…I’ve got so accustomed that even anger refuses to pop out during these times!

  4. I can’t blame Zack because I am like him, husband says he doesn’t get enough touch from me after I started using my touch phones..eek I can’t share our bedroom stories here ..

  5. Hmm not too bad here but yeah I think some donation of smartness to the phone on part of the user does happen πŸ˜› In my case, K plays cricket or watches news/talks. But ofcourse, I don’t let him win usually. So not too bad, not too bad πŸ˜›

  6. Lol πŸ™‚ He he , I am like that with my tablet but the husband has work reasons to be glued to his phone. But suggest me which one it is, if its a latest purchase, I am planning to gift one to TBH and take his current one.

  7. LOL!! You know my hubby didn’t want to buy a phone!?!? so for a very long time he didn’t own a phone and hence we worked in the same organization, i used to get his calls on my phone as if i was his secretary?!?!

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