I put my first ever scrap book entry in 7th class in school, when a friend passed in the shimmery pink book. It was a new ‘cool’ thing which was going round. It would be funny to read and fill it again after some time, to note the changes in ‘My favorite actor’ or ‘My favorite food’. But mostly all of us used to fill each others scrapbooks to see our signatures and compare whose is better than whom 😀

It continued till high school in popularity, died out during higher secondary with the advent of social networking sites like Orkut and Netlog. I filled out one during first year of college. One classmate had shifted college and she wanted all of us to fill her book before she left. It was fun to fill in the silly questions ranging from favorite singer to most recent dream as I noted that the questions had slightly evolved. As a newly wed, when I visited my sister-in-law, her 9-year-old daughter handed me one again. I laughed out heartily thinking wow, they are still in vogue. To my amazement, the format had highly changed.  I had to give in my email ID, website address, a recent photograph, my favorite motivational quote and what not. But, the cheque book shape of it remains the same.

What fun would reminiscing be, if not re-done ( or re-played ) 😉

I am going to create and fill my own scrapbook here 😛  The starting questions have been mundane for ages, name, date of birth, address, etc.. Lets go to the rest of the stuff.


Favourite colour : 50 shades of purple

Favourite actor : Always the character, never the actor

The websites you visit without fail : Gmail, WordPress, Facebook, TellyChakkar, Feedly, Google, Outlook, Yahoo

Your ‘pep-up’ food : Poha

Where would you prefer to live – mountain, beach, plains or valley : A valley having a river

The latest dream you can recollect : Today morning I dreamt about my school PT master being furious with me for something, but I do not remember it clearly. The one I dreamt yesterday was quite a strange one. I find out that Zack already has two kids which are not mine. I make a hue and cry about it when he calmly says he did mention it to me before marrying me.

Items which are always in your wallet : Banking cards, a blank white paper,  some old bills, driving license, a bindi strip, bus tickets

Five years ago, at this time what were you doing : I must be in last year of college five years ago, this month would be the start of new semester, so most probably waiting for the Friday movie release to catch with the BFF 😀

Your quote of the day : Its better to be mental rather than being judgmental.


I will come back later some day, to read this and see if most of it still holds true 😀

Tag yourself and have fun lovelies 🙂


31 thoughts on “Scrapbook

  1. Buh hooooo..How do you come up with such interesting topics Visha..The moment I read a post from you, I am like, Oh no I should also write about this!!…I think I am gonna either reblog your posts or take your posts as a prompts for me and pen my views on that..I will give you due credits for the idea though..:)..This one I am doing it for sure 🙂

  2. Yes.,..the scarpbooks 🙂 I was not into them but only bought one in last year of school to get the details of friends to stay in touch as that time orkut/facebook was not much into existence. It was with me till college when I gave it to some senior to fill and haven’t got it back since last 5 years 🙂

    • There was also a contest as to who would fill the maximum scrapbooks, teenage egos you see 😉

      oh..5 years..God knows how many hands it has passed now 😉

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  4. Loved this one!!! Guess what? my fav color has been purple for sometime now 😀
    Weird dream eh? I had a one where my parents are marrying me to someone else, that too infront of S – when I crying and screaming if they have gone mad 😀 😀 😀

    • I never tire of purple..whatever thing it be, clothes, curtains, bedsheets, my hands first pick a shade of purple only 😀

      Yeah, after waking up I tell him about this, he listens and goes back to sleep saying super dream 🙄

  5. What a dream! As crazy as you 😀

    I might bookmark this for days when I wanna write and have nothing to write 🙂

  6. Ah, those scrapbooks! I have many fond memories of them, too.
    I still use scrapbooks – not the adolescent ones, but a proper fullscape notebook – and I ask my friends to write something for me whenever I am about to leave them. I still have the one my friends made for me when I left Ahmedabad and was about to get married. 🙂

  7. We called them slam books and what memories they are!
    This is a real trip down the memory lane. I will definitely fill this someday 🙂

    And whatte quote! Full truth wonly.

  8. Aah the scrap books!! i have them too 🙂
    It’s such a nice fuzzy feeling to read them again and think about all those friends who filled it up 🙂
    I loved this idea of scrapbook post. I am going to tag myself 🙂

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