Wednesday Waves – I

Last Wednesday, I was determined to continue this musical series, but it was Harry Potter’s birthday and how could that be missed 😀

So here I am with a second set of triplets for your listening pleasure 🙂

* * *

Buddhist chants + Jordanian lyrical music + Hindi lyrics = A. R. Rahman’s masterpiece. Enough said :mrgreen:

It starts very slowly, stays afloat and builds a crescendo. Mesmerizing.

* * *
This one is like the light tea cake which you like to have with your morning cuppa. Light and frothy, its music and lyrics stay with you for a long time.

* * *
I will always regret for never listening to or even trying to hear Jazz until I heard this one beautiful day last week. How cool will it be if life had a background music like this, while you are reading a book or cooking or even doing household chores or simply being romantic

* * *


Sum, equation and language

Apart from the money calculations, we really have no use of the maths in our day-to-day lives. But we see the applications of those mathematical formulas in every possible aspect, right from the clocks to the vehicles to the water tap to the food we eat.  So even if we as an individual are not applying those formulas ourselves, at least some one in this world made use of them. We just did not choose to.
Knowledge is interesting, applied knowledge – even more.

* * *
The relationships which we have in our personal and professional lives should be given the due respect. With a boss, you should always behave like a junior even though he/she is your friend. You can discuss whatever you want in the capacity of a friend, but you should not take it out of your mind that the other person is the boss at the end of the day. Likewise, your mother-in-law might be ‘like’ your mother, but that does not give you the freedom to sulk( or shout) the way you do to your mom. The thin line which you feel is ever decreasing, day by day should not be overlooked. That line stays, the respect in the relationship is maintained. Disagree? Well, its my opinion 😀

* * *
It has been a really long time since I wrote something in vernacular. I keep thinking that I will forget the shape of the letters and the grammar. The last time I was in a flight, I spent close to fifteen minutes writing out a small paragraph in Gujarati. That also reminds me, ages ago I read a very engrossing historical fiction in Hindi. It was my first and last read in anything apart from English and boy, how interesting that was. Any recommendations in Hindi literature?

White turns grey

The weather being hazy
It made me lazy

A hot wash later
Became alert as a waiter

The idli batter was stirred and beaten
Kurma with idli was cooked and eaten
What to wear with whom to pair ran in the mind
When a crisp white shirt my hand did find

The grey sky clicked its tongue impatiently
And I entered the office full wet and soggy