White turns grey

The weather being hazy
It made me lazy

A hot wash later
Became alert as a waiter

The idli batter was stirred and beaten
Kurma with idli was cooked and eaten
What to wear with whom to pair ran in the mind
When a crisp white shirt my hand did find

The grey sky clicked its tongue impatiently
And I entered the office full wet and soggy


30 thoughts on “White turns grey

  1. Wet day here as well..Luckily I had an umbrella!!If only we were kids again we need not even hit the snooze button.In my case Dad will be there to wake me up again!

    • Every single time I wear white pyjamas during the monsoons, it will end up being splashed with slush πŸ˜€

      Thanks Pix, hope your vacation is turning out fab πŸ™‚

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