Sum, equation and language

Apart from the money calculations, we really have no use of the maths in our day-to-day lives. But we see the applications of those mathematical formulas in every possible aspect, right from the clocks to the vehicles to the water tap to the food we eat.  So even if we as an individual are not applying those formulas ourselves, at least some one in this world made use of them. We just did not choose to.
Knowledge is interesting, applied knowledge – even more.

* * *
The relationships which we have in our personal and professional lives should be given the due respect. With a boss, you should always behave like a junior even though he/she is your friend. You can discuss whatever you want in the capacity of a friend, but you should not take it out of your mind that the other person is the boss at the end of the day. Likewise, your mother-in-law might be ‘like’ your mother, but that does not give you the freedom to sulk( or shout) the way you do to your mom. The thin line which you feel is ever decreasing, day by day should not be overlooked. That line stays, the respect in the relationship is maintained. Disagree? Well, its my opinion 😀

* * *
It has been a really long time since I wrote something in vernacular. I keep thinking that I will forget the shape of the letters and the grammar. The last time I was in a flight, I spent close to fifteen minutes writing out a small paragraph in Gujarati. That also reminds me, ages ago I read a very engrossing historical fiction in Hindi. It was my first and last read in anything apart from English and boy, how interesting that was. Any recommendations in Hindi literature?

22 thoughts on “Sum, equation and language

  1. Agreed with you on the mathematics.. Cooking is a very exact science.. MIL is a master in it.. The technique that I later found out is to exactly follow the proportion which is suggested in the cook book..
    Very right comment on the boundaries in relationship as well.. No wonder despite MIL being a better caregiver in terms of my Dal Roti existence ( being a SAHM) than Mom (who was a WM) I know the relationship is never the same.
    He he.. My tamil is horrible.. spelling is worse than a fourth standard student.. (Hang heads in shame..:) ) Partner’s writing capability is negligible.. God bless our kids.. Am paying the price of too much petering in childhood days

  2. Maths is like rocket science and real nightmare for me. Agree with you on the boss thing and even if the person is no longer ur boss, when you her, it’s like the BOSS:) I greet my boss with Hi Ma’am:)

  3. Cant agree with you more on all the three items! Sometimes, I try to apply some of the mathematical formulae – not the complex ones though. Like I let my bucket to be filled with water. How long does it take for the bucket to fill considering the amount of water coming from the pipe – I know I know silly 😛 I think long and by then the bucket gets filled 😀 S is so good with all formulae and in applying them too. I feel so jealous of him sometimes.

    Relationships should be given due respect. Again, so true about the boss and MIL thing. I am very very close to my MIL.. but that doesnt mean that I can shout at her or pour my true feelings.

    Hmmm.. sometimes I take out a paper and practice my handwriting. I so miss writing with ink pens. Got a hero pen, just for the sake of it. I too would like to read some Hindi lit, atleast to brush my lang.

  4. Agree to all the three items… Math is there every body around and I am so glad someone else is doing that work.

    As far as Me and MIL relationship is concerned, I think that’s the only thing that remains, shouting and sulking. But once I grow old in the relationship I think I can do that also. But now as you have mentioned I have realized it is just not there in this household, I mean I have never seen anybody both TBH and his brother and my FIL going to that level. Calmness runs in the blood.

    That is something I do on and off, I do write in Hindi at times to help mamma’s school kids but yes its decreasing now, But Hindi literature its been a while, a long while. If you want to start with Shivani’s novels. Beautiful portray of relationships.

    • Ah, got that wrong. I just gave an example of shouting. It can also be of pulling the leg or doing something which is not permitted. Things which we do not think twice about, like that 😉

      Shivani..hmm…thanks for the lead 🙂

      How have you been OHW, its been long that I have been here, have to catch up with all you folks.

  5. I don’t think I use Mathematics at all in my life, though I do understand others have used it to build applications that are all around us.

    I believe in the MIL-mother thin line, too. However close I am to my MIL and however many years since my marriage, I don’t think I will ever be able to sulk or shout with her the way I can with my mother. Maybe, after some 15 years or so… 😀

    I agree with you about the boss thing too. In my ex office, I was quite close to my boss, but could never really forget that she was the boss. Didn’t want to, either. I like keeping my professional and personal relationships separate.

    It has been ages since I read or wrote or spoke to anyone in Gujarati, either. The other day, I spoke to an old, old friend of mine in Gujarati, and realised I haven’t really spoken the language in over 5 years. I seemed to be unable to speak fluently in Gujarati, while I used to speak it like a river earlier. 😦 I kept slipping into English every so often, and even told her I feel like I have become an Angrez. I think even my Hindi has a South Indian accent to it now.

    • You do use it, to count the number of milk packets or checking the bills at least 😛

      I read in a recent article that the distance is what brings the closeness, strange for some relationships!

      Oh dont worry, the next time we have an email conversation, lets pledge to do in pure Gujarati, okie 😉

  6. I used to love maths in high school and college and what you say is so true..
    And I liked what you have mentioned about boss and MIL. So true na?!

    Hindi Literature – no idea babes..

  7. Even i get worried that i may forget to write Gujarati, hence i keep writing numbers and barakhadi time to time to check that i remember…
    I haven’t read much of hindi lit, but my grandpa gave me two books: Ek gadhe ki atmakatha (though it is a very old book, i think it’s still relevant with the kind of politicians we have around). You can try some Premchand stories too..
    BTW, if you want to read something happy in Gujarati try Vasant Chalke by Eila Aarab Mehta… I remember laughing madly while reading the book 🙂

    • That’s why I start yapping in Gujarati once we start chatting 😉

      I got a Gujarati cookbook written in Gujarati just to check if I can still read it fluently 😛

      Thanks for the recos 🙂

  8. I am, in a way, glad that I didn’t choose to use Maths as much as few others do because I suck at it.

    Totally agree with you. Personal experience has bit me more than once to teach me this.

    Totally alien subject when it comes to Gujarati and only a half baked Hindi speaker. 🙂

    • Science never attracted me, as much as Maths did. Funny how one cant exist without the other though 🙂

      Chalo, aaj se Hindi mein baat karte hain 😉

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